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Played a solo bass gig on 11/8 in b'more


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It was pretty cool. The owner of the bar down the street from my house is a pretty cool guy.


He and I got to talking and he thought that it would be a good idea for me to come out and play my bass.


I had 6 songs total...which equated to a 25 minute set.


3 originals and 3 covers.


I covered Continuum (jaco), without you (kirk franklin) and blue bossa (some guy).


Continuum came out ok. Tempo and articulation could've been better. Didn't do anything to fancy with it, but I rearranged it from the original version to make it a little bit more playable.




I recorded everything on my mp3 player.





EDIT: It was well received. The bar owner wants me to do it again sometime. I'll come back better prepared and with more stuff. Maybe by then i;ll have marcus miller's "power" down.


Soli Deo Gloria


"it's the beauty of a community. it takes a village to raise a[n] [LLroomtempJ]." -robb


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