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Crate BFX50


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Looking at picking up this amp?

Crate BFX50


Using it with the Bass.. but wondering how guitar is through it? it's new. but last years model.. $225cdn.


Very novice bass wanna be player, but have a potiental bass player coming over to jam that doesn't have any gear but is experienced.. using it in house (sort a studio) not gig'n. Have some rack effects that I can plumb through the amp for what it lacks. but other then having the bass I don't have any real gear to go with it includ. amp at this time.


Any thoughts pro or con are welcome =) or suggestions? :D

Thank you


(edit) Ohh the Bass I have is a Samick with P & J pickups believe full scale neck fretted.

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If it is just for studio work, I would jsut use a nice preamp and run through the studio monitors.

If you jsut need something for volume I would pick anything except for crate bass amps. I ran a music store where crate was one of the main brands of PA gear. I have 3 crate products, a SPA 1600 and 2 PSM12Ps' all 3 have either blown up or needed repair for absolutly no reason. they had never left the house or been turned up loud and they crapped out. Not to mention, the bass rigs are their worst line. I think you would be better of with a warwick blue cab 20 or blue cab 30. how many america dollars is 225 canadian? Im going to guess 200. for 200 lets see what we can find.



that is the blue 30. It has an amazing sound.

The peavey TNT150 is on ebay at the following link. It was my first bass amy and it did a great job for me. It has some nice features to play with, but I dont know if eather have a direct out.


Best of luck. I didnt check if these places would ship to canada.







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Excellent, Thank you Jonathan.


Haven't seen any Warwick's around here in any shops. But worth considering having something shipped in from states. (just have to calculate duty costs as well).


Did try out a peavey, and it seemed nice but didn't have enough Umph for in here. (Peavey MAX 110 with the trans tube). I have other peavey gear and satisfied with it. Mind you, I should have looked higher up the peavey line considering now that I'm willing to drop 225 on the crate and the peavey was 129.


I did try the new crate that they had, and it was awful. Didn't matter what setting it was on, any note played sounded as if it had a harmonic octave offset if that makes sence, so had me questioning the older Crate.


Thank you again for you input and the links :D

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