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May Have a Gig. First time!


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I was sitting here at home a few days ago and I got a call from a fellow here in town that is releasing his second CD and having a CD release gig here at a local club in 3 weeks. He had let his bassist go due to not wanting to practice and then flubbing the tunes at the gigs. He was at the local music store chatting with the guys there and scratching their heads about finding a replacement and they thought of me as I go there occasionally to check out gear (are my TI Jazz Flats that I ordered at the beginning of March in yet?).


I went to his place yesterday, we met and got along well. I like his music (blues detuned a full step) and he wants me to try to get the material down. To me, it seems like a lot of tunes, 32 original songs to learn by the 24th. I told him that if he finds a more experienced player that I'd understand. He said regardless of if I play the gigs or not he would like to continue jamming with me as he feels that I have good feel and potential. he was quite surprised when I told him that I have never played with a drummer. I go there again this afternoon to do some more practice.


This is going to be a challenge I think. Plus I recently started a new job and I'm working 6 day - 10 hour/day workweeks. Things are looking up in Newf's world. :thu:


Any ideas/memory tricks for remembering the tunes? Other comments?


Cheers & Thanks

Newf :D

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If you work at a place where you can listen to music, try adn get a copy of there stuff with the bass lines and listen to it over and over and over. I'm sure other people ahve said this on the forum, but if you can hum it you have a very good chance of being able to play it, or something close to it. ALSO: get a set list and write the key down next to each song. Even if you dont remember the exact part you will be able to keep from sounding bad and be able to just play a mediocre line. If you have any chord changes/ parts you are having trouble with... write them down and take that also. there is nothing wrong with help. I would rather a guy need a cheat sheet and play well then miss stuff and not have one.







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Thanks Guys, playing like this is a rush! I just got back from another practice and so far things are going well. I have freedom to improvise if I want to as long as I keep the groove which he is more then happy with so far. The funny thing is that I don't really "see" it as far as keeping the groove goes, I just do what I do. :freak:


BTW Jonathan, I have yet to play with a full band. So far it has been the guitarist/vocalist and I. I'm really looking forward to playing with a drummer though. This is all such a blast!



Newf :D

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by Jonathon-dnkritr:


If you work at a place where you can listen to music, try adn get a copy of there stuff with the bass lines and listen to it over and over and over.


+1. and over and over til you know them. Of course if you're already versed in blues then it should be a piece of cake.


I hope you have some energy left after working 60 hrs a week, too. Whoa! Good luck with it.

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Congrats - this sounds promising!!


Get a cheap cassette recorder (or any type of recorder) and record your rehearsals. It will help you remember what's happening, and help you see if you want to alter a part you are playing.




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Originally posted by jcadmus:

32 Tunes?!?!?


What is this guy releasing -- a CD box set?

My bad here. :o I was over there tonight and it's actually 11 tunes from the 1st CD, 13 from the 2nd, and the remaining 8 are covers.


As for my hectic work schedule, it's manageable for now and I got an opprotunity to do another side job that pays about $125 cash for about 2 1/2 hours work. Sounds like a way to get the MIA P-Bass with flats that I've been gassing for. :D


The funny thing is that up till 2 weeks ago nothing promising was happening with either work or music and now things have opened right up. Things are going well. :wave:

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Yeah, record the rehearsals. Listen to the CDs while on the way to work, washing dishes etc. Listen to them over and over until your brain knoes the structure and lyrics without having to think about them. Sometimes I make notes linking certain lyrics to certain sections but that's dangerous if the monitoring is not good or if the singer forgets his lines.

32 tunes to learn in that space of time should be manageable, particularly if they're blues based and there are no complex arrangements, endings or intros but it's tough for a first gig, to say the least. How long have you been playing?

I learn best by writing things down (usually just the chord progressions) but you need to find what works best for you.

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