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Newbie needs an amp

dead mike

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I just got a old epi cornet bass and want to buy an amp. I play guitar and dont know jack about bass amps. Someone told me to get a big speaker amp with at least 50W. I want to spend $400-500. What do yoou guys recommend. I want the best amp in that price range and must be loud enough to jam on stage.
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Fifty watts will not be loud enough to jam onstage.


For that kind of money, look for a used Peavey Combo 115 -- 15-inch speaker and 225 watts (300 watts, if you hook up another speaker cab).

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Yes, please divulge your location.


I have a Fender combo with 300 watts that can hold its own just about anywhere. I have been trying to sell it (sort of) for a long time.

It has a Carvin speaker and was my club amp for years - verrrry tough.


PM me if you would like to hear more.

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Just a general rule that I read from a Guitar Center pamphlet, is that a bass amp should ideally have about 4x the wattage of what your guitarist will be running (assuming he's running it at or near it's peak). It's a pretty good rule to go by, as you need more power to get those low frequencies out. But I agree with mattulator, 300W should keep you decent in a mix in small venues. I've got a 450W amp and I really don't see myself needing anything more than that for a while... I'm definitely the loudest one in the band ;)


Also, if I'm not mistaken, smaller speakers will give you more 'punch' and accent mid frequencies, where a larger speaker (15" or 18") won't have as much punch, but will definitely provide a great bottom end, especially if you play a low B string (or detune at all).

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