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Carvin BRX112NEO


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Do any of you guys have any 'gig' experience with this interesting-looking combo?


For the last 6 years, I've been using an Acoustic Image Clarus head w/either a Peavey 210TX? (it's the old rear ported model), or a well made & tuned 110 with an eminence kappa pro or both for louder gigs. The rig has been loud enough for every situation that I've encountered. However, I'm finding that I'm using either the Sansamp BDDI (unengaged for my URB) or an old Zoom 506 straight into the 'effects return' input instead of the AI's preamp.


I'm sort of getting tired of all the plugging & unplugging of speakers, preamps, etc, etc and it looks as if the BRX112 eliminate some of that with the flexibilty to add an extension speaker if required. Plus, it looks as if it would fit in the trunk of my '88 Volvo 760 &, at 47lbs, it's lighter than the 210 cab I'm currently schlepping. (I'd still have to use some sort of impedience matching preamp for the URB, though.)


Any guidance would be appreciated!! Thanks, the seldom-posting-lurker, Bill

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You might want to drop by carvin.com and ask this question in their Bass Forum. I think you're more likely to find someone over there who has played this amp. That being a fairly new model, there probably aren't a lot of them outside California yet.



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