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*EDIT* SF Basses???


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My new drummer asked me to give some love to his beaten up bass. It has a handful of minor problems since he was so rough on it in his previous band but I'm curious about the brand. The closest thing to a logo on the headstock says "SF 5004". It's pretty darn close to a Stingray or OLP minus the different logo and truss rod adjustment at the headstock.


I believe he got this bass while he still lived in Puerto Rico (I don't know if that helps at all).


Anybody know anything about these basses? I'm pretty sure whoever sold this to him lied and told him it was a Stingray with a replacement neck. I searched it for anything that would give it away and the only thing I could come up with is the fact that the neck pocket isn't routed to accomodate a body-side truss wheel.

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I've spent hours searching the internet every way I can think of with absolutely no luck.


I took the strings off of it and the nut is broken but I'll see if I can borrow a digital camera to take some pics soon. Come to think of it, my drummer has one...

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Well I took a few pics but the camera doesn't have a regular output that I can connect to the computer so my drummer had to take the camera home to load the pics from the memory card to his computer and he's going to email them to me.


I forgot to mention earlier that it's an active bass as opposed to the passive OLPs.


I also realized (through looking at pics of Stingrays online) that this one has a 4-bolt neck as opposed to a 6 on a Stingray. Also, the neck plate is blank rather than having the Ernieball logo stamped on it and the battery cover is rather crude and requires a screwdriver rather than having a convenient hand-opening mechanism.

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