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Help with singer judgement.


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This is the link where you can hear what I'm talking about in the body of this post.




Hey guys, I have a dilemma. I joined a band at the end of last school year and after 1 month we recorded 6 songs and everyone went back home (except me because this is my new home  ). My main question: what is your opinion of the singer? Really please be brutally honest here because I may not stick with the band. I have other complaints, but want to play out very bad so I am willing to bite my tongue for now.

Other complaints,

1. the rhythm guitar player/singer cant play to my stuff because he isnt that good at guitar. He admits this, but it still sucks for me.

2. We auditioned an AMAZING drummer. Ever break between songs be and this guy cooked up some damn good groves and the lead guy did alright but they couldnt hang with anything not on 4/4 and didnt respond well to builds and such.

3. Everyone is in the same rhythmic territory all the time, this includes me and I am also at fault.

4. Im looking for something with more grove, less 8th notes.

5. I can sing in a way I like better, I just cant sing and play. I am working on this with help forma previous thread I found and Alex Cs advice.


Also, as you listen please let me know what you think of my bass playing, ALL comments are very welcome and appreciated, even if you say I suck just tell me why!!!

Here is my question again because sometimes I am not very clear at all.

What do you think of the singer in regards to do you think he can make it singing out in a mainly screamo/emo/indy music college town (yes I need you prayers there)

Thanks a ton, Jonathan






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OK, so you asked for it.


First, you need to improve your communication skills. I'm sure the post was "stream of consciousness", but you need to edit yourself. If you want to ask about a situation, write it out and read it - pretend you are coming from the outside and see if it makes sense. Frankly, I'm not 100% sure what you are asking in the five points.


That said, I listened to the music. The experimental/moody stuff isn't my thing, so I can't comment as to whether it's good or not. I do feel that the lead player effectively captures the mood. I don't hear anything awful from the rhythm guy.


The singer has a certain style. I think his voice is fine, and he does a good job most of the time. There were a few times when he sang the words "born again" in Children Of A Ghost that sounded a bit off, but not so terrible. My concern is the writing. The songs haven't stretched him to see if he can hold a tune. I liked how he sounded in the first tune.


You want to groove? I don't think the style of this band allows for that. And you may not know for sure until you have a drummer.


Your tone in the songs lacks mid, so it's kinda sonic underbelly stuff. That tone won't groove no matter what you play. In general, I thought your playing was fine. As I say, it's not a style of music that I know well, so I can't say too much.


Back to the top - if you can't relax and articulate here on the board, you'll never be successful making your points to the band (any band!). Slow down and think things over.




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Since this is screamo and stuff, you might want to wait for Thanny to discover this thread. Seems he's the resident expert in that particular field.


I haven't got time to listen to the songs now (since I'm washing dishes :rolleyes: ) but I'll give you some general advice regarding bands, based on my little experience in the music world :)


In totally random order:


- one band usually never covers all your needs, so you may want to ask yourself what you want from THIS band as opposed to what you want in general


- know your strengths and your weaknesses, and work on both. You say you can sing, and you can play, but you can't combine the two. So there you have it: work on this


- be prepared to give people a chance: from what Tom said you don't seem to have a drummer, which is not really handy for most types of music. Aside from that you seem to be unhappy with the singer and the guitarist. I have been in similar positions at certain points. Decide how much slack you're willing to give these guys before you move on, but decide this NOW.


I was in a band with a guy who was also not terribly good, and I stayed and stayed and stayed and the band stagnated and in the end I got frustrated and left. It was then that I decided that next time I'd leave prior to becoming frustrated. This is a hobby for me, after all.


Then again, the band I'm currently in started out with a rhythm guitarist/singer (one person) who was mediocre on both counts. I stuck with that band (because they're close friends) and we're actually going places now. Slowly, but still :)

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I'm not a bass player so I won't comment on the bass playing there are plenty of good bass players here to do that! I can comment on the singing, the singers voice fits the material, it's pretty much what you would expect for that kind of material, no real need for any real special vocal abilities. The singers voice and abilities match what the rest of the band is doing as far as complexity, it's pretty simple stuff isn't it. If you are working with textures, yes you are beginning to get a feel for what is needed in this kind of music. The guitar player is working with his tone and it's not bad at all for the material he's trying to do. I would say stick with it for awhile longer and see where it goes, it least you will be gaining experience and I don't know how many gigs you will be able to get with that material? I don't know your market so it's difficult to say. Good luck.
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Tom: I will do my best to communicate better. However, it has always been difficult for me to communicate from certain perspectives. Maybe I will write it from one, and edit it from another. Also, I do not have this problem when I am talking to people face to face, just over the phone or in writings. I greatly appreciate your honesty.


Your collective feedback has helped greatly. I now know I need to quit the band because it just isnt the style I am looking for. I will now devote my time to bettering myself as a singer/bassist while working and in school.


Eddie: That is some of the most useful advice on bands I could have gotten right now. I agree that I wont find everything in one band and I need to figure out what I want from this band. But I didnt think about that before! So thanks.


Tom said Your tone in the songs lacks mid, so it's kinda sonic underbelly stuff. That tone won't groove no matter what you play. In general, I thought your playing was fine. As I say, it's not a style of music that I know well, so I can't say too much.

On this point I agree whole heartedly, the guy that recorded it added a subsynth to my bass the whole time and dropped my bass to be equal level to it. I was very unhappy.


Thank you for you time, also. Eddie, this isnt screamo I hope.







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Jonathan, I am definatly the wrong person to be commenting on this music. I never listen to it nor do I understand it.

Your bass playing, IMHO is the best part of the music. The drummer and guitar are good. To me the music is too "busy" The instruments are covering each other up where no one is being heard individually. The whole thing sounds "Muddy" to me. The singer, to me, is pretty bad but maybe in this style of music, that is what is required. I cannot understand one word of what he is singing. Since I can't understand the words, I have to ask, Is this a "Christian Music" band?


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Jonathan, It's not my type of music but I think your bass and the drums are the best part of the tunes (IMHO). Where I think I may be able to offer some advice (Although it sounds like you already made up your mind) is in the general tone of your post. It seems you know what you want and this band ain't it. It's hard to walk away from something when it's better than nothing but be true to yourself and go with your gut. Don't hang around and get frustrated. I'm going through a similar problem. Our drummer can't hold a tempo, but everyone loves him (including me) but nobody wants to suggest we replace him. They are all fine with keeping things the way they are but I've been there, done that. I auditioned for 2 other bands recently and am looking at a change. If you want to groove more then go find some like minded people.


Good luck and keep the faith!

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