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Ultimate Slap Bass Now On Sale!!!

Stuart Clayton

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Originally posted by davio:

11 days and still checking the mail anxiously every day.



Don't panic - there have been some postage strikes in the UK recently that I suspect have held things up a little. I know that most people have got their copies by now, so yours should with you any day.


Of course, do let me know if there's a problem.




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I got the package just now but I'm on my way to work. I'll have time to thumb through it a bit on my break tonight but I'll probably be practicing late tonight so I might have something to say in the next day or three.


BTW, Stu, the book looks fantastic!

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Well, so far I'm almost done with the beginner portion of the book (I suck at playing slap but I'm already starting to feel a bit more confident going through these exercises). I'm in the portion about popular scales and modes used in slap playing. I already knew the theory but the exercises are quite helpful to a wanker like me.


I've succeeded in thoroughly shredding the cuticle of my right index finger from rubbing it on the G string while moving into place to pop the D.


To Stuart:

Would it be permissible to scan the contents page to post here so people can get an idea of exactly what the different sections cover?


I will say that I don't think that the book has too much to offer to those who are well versed in all manner of slap playing already except for having a lot of great exercises to possibly improve your chops. But then, I wouldn't expect Victor or Marcus to be too interested in buying an instructional book on slap playing.


There's plenty of great reading before and after the lessons sections beginning with a history of slap playing going back to the early '20s jazz players on URB. I felt that Stuart had unfairly omitted mention of Bartok if he was going to go back as far as URB pre-electric. :rolleyes:


The last several chapters are bios of famous slap players and interviews. Very cool.


I'm enjoying the hell out of this book so far and I expect it to continue challenging me until I'm at least proficient in this style of playing.


For anyone who's not a seasoned pro at slap playing, I'd recommend this book just on what I've gotten out of it so far and I'm not even half way through.

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Hey, just what I need, I've been wanting to learn that for a while now. I started playing three years ago and I'm itching to do some slapping. I couldn't figure it out just by looking at it.


Is the book available in Canada?


I usually buy my stuff at Steve's music, or Long & McQuade, in Toronto.

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Thanks for posting the contents page, Davio!


Stuart and/or others, a few questions:


- Machine gun triplets: what's the technique taught here? RH Pop, LH ghost note, RH slap? (AKA the Bill Dickens approach?) Just curious. (As a side note, here I've found it easier to develop speed by using a thumb perpendicular slap, thumb down-pluck, then a left-hand ghost note...slap/pluck/ghost doesn't sound exactly the same as pop/ghost/slap or slap/ghost/pop though).


- What are the popular scales and modes for slap that the book teaches?


- What is the double-thumb technique that is taught? Slap-through followed by up-pluck (a la Victor Wooten technique)? Or thumb-bounces? Or something else?


Thanks in advance for the answers.


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- Tom Capasso, 11/9/2006


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As I posted somewhere in this thread, I have a very rough, very basic slap technique down. Mainly from playing root-octaves a lot and thinking "why not use my thumb?" So what I expect from this book is to help me develop the technique further, and then get me to do groovy, jaw-dropping things on bass. Slapping usually makes jaws drop, so we're safe there :D


I figured I'd just take it from the start, as I am truly a beginner when it comes to slap bass. And let me tell you this: it really does feel as if you're taking your first steps all over again, yet at the same time Stuart manages to incorporate small things (sixteenths and such) which keep it interesting enough to proceed.


I've only got to the end of Section One - Chapter Two (I stopped right before the exercises) but for 90 minutes this book totally had my attention, and the only reason I stopped now was because my thumb and my wrists were getting sore :D


If you're looking to learn slap bass, I can really recommend this book (from one beginner to another). It puts the fun in fundamental, it's very well written, with detailed explanations and bloody fun exercises.


Buy it now :thu:

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