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OT: Help - under attack from Winfix etc.

Phil W

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I've never suffered too much with spyware or viruses, trojans etc. I guess I've been lucky.

Since September we've had junk mail with viruses daily; trojan attacks and worst of all now unsolicited windows popping up for winfix, Drive Cleaner and even a Dell Advert. These appear every 20 minutes or so without having to be on Webpage that normally has popups: they seem to be geteting in another way. They try to load software without me OKing it andare hard to close.

I'm running IE6 (maybe it's time to switch but I need my favourites); Norton Antivirus 2006(which detects but doesn't seem to effectively remove Winfix); Windows XP; Ad-aware and Pop-up killer (seems very ineffective).

I've deleted the temporary Internet filesanand cookies. I'm stiill getting the attacks. I'm guessing I'm badly affected with stuff that has hacked my registry.

Guys, I wouldn't post this stuff here but I'm desperate. Someone else might have gone through similar and at least there are people here I can trust. I've tried googling and found all sorts of messagse boards but they're way too hard for me to understand.


Any ideas?



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I use products called Winpatrol (www.winpatrol.com) and Counterspy (www.sunbelt-software.com) that work very well for me. Both offer free trials that may help get you cleaned up quickly. Good luck!

-- Joe --


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All the stuff Phillman99 said. If that doesn't work, I'd bite the bullet and reformat the hard drive. (Ohh....the Klez virus is a terrible memory for me....) Starting back at square one is a bitch, but it's better than the alternative.


And stay away from those web sites......

Things are just the way they are, and they're only going to get worse.

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Here was Trucks.of.Love's advice (Guitar Forum)


"Hey buddy, ITs a common problem that a few of us on here have to deal with on a regular basis so you should be OK


Firstly download:


Ad-Aware SE http://www.lavasoftusa.com/software/adaware/


Spybot Search & Destroy



Microsoft Windows Defender



(You can only install and use windows defender on a legally licenced copy of windows)


Install them one at a time, after installing each one, run the program, update it and run a FULL system scan... Once its completed select all the found objects and let the software do the work for you. Even if that doesnt 100% clear up your PC it will get it too a usable state.


Yes unfortuantely you do need to use more than one peice of software to get rid of some stuff.


If you are still having problems download hijackthis



Run the program, select scan & save log file, then open the log file and paste the contents into a post here so we can tell you what to remove manually."


So I went through all that; though I first installed Firefox. Then I installed Zone Alarm.


The whole process took me four hours. But in that time I didn't hit ant problems which is the longest I've gone without some sort of attack for a week or so so finger crossed - the problem is 'relatively' sorted.


Hope this thread is useful to anyone with simila problems (though I really hope nobody else has these problems).

I was running Ad Aware 6 but Ad Aware SE is in a different league. Spy Bot Serach and Destroy and Microsoft Windows Defender also found stuff.


Thanks for the advice guys. I'm going to use Firefox now and I'll stay away fro those websites Paul. ;)

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Spybot, Ad-aware, and Defender should fix your woes auto-magically for you if you do full scans after they are installed.


If you are still having problems after they scan and remove the nasty bits you can go over to Sysinternals and download "Process Explorer" and "Autoruns". With those two programs you can manually wipe out any remaining nasty bits.


You might also consider upgrading to Internet Explorer 7 . There are vastly improved security measures in it. I don't have popup problems anymore and I only use IE7 + Defender. IE7 has yet to crash/cause problems on XP SP2 and Vista RC1. Your milage may vary with older OS versions as I haven't tested them.

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I HIGHLY recommend a program called Spyware Doctor. You have to pay, but it is worth every penny!


It has found stuff that other scanners did not. I'm dead serious about the quality of that program. It rawks!



"Paranoid? Probably. But just because you're paranoid doesn't mean there isn't an invisible demon about to eat your face."

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Hi Phil,


I'm not an IT person not do I play one on TV.


I don't know if this is any use, but I've (like most people) have had similar problems. I had one spyware virus that hung around for ages, and in the end, after much Googling I discovered it hid in the System Restore area. After switching off System Restore (it's in Accessories/System tools) I restarted in Safe Mode, ran ABG and AdAware SE, then restarted in full mode again.


That finally did the trick.


After I'd operated clean for a while I switched System Restore back on.


Best of luck!



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My stepdaughter's machine was infected with a nasty at one point that hid so deep in the temporary internet files, clearing the IE cache wouldn't get rid of it. It was an executable, so every time she rebooted, it reinstalled itself. I finally got rid of it by manually deleting all of the temp files. The only way to find them was to navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files, click "Explore," and start browsing through the folders. (If you just open the "temporary internet files" folder, you won't see the subfolders.)


Replace "username" with your own user name, obviously. Also, these instructions are for Windows 2000 -- I don't know whether XP hides folders full of temporary internet files.

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Originally posted by Tenstrum:

I HIGHLY recommend a program called Spyware Doctor. You have to pay, but it is worth every penny!


It has found stuff that other scanners did not. I'm dead serious about the quality of that program. It rawks!

I use this also and he's right - it rawks! For $40 a year you can't go wrong.

For another $40 I use McAffee Security Center- between the 2 I never have a problem.

Cheap Insurance!!

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I have nothing nice to say so . . .


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Thanks for all the advice guys! The computer seems to be fine right now (touch wood) but I'll come back to this thread if anything resurfaces.


I'm wowed by the collective knowledge and ability of the Musicplayer forumites.

I hope no-one has the problems I've had (but someone probably will) and I'd like to think that in that case this thread (and the parallel threads on the guitar and keyboard forums) would provide a useful (if OT) resource.



Cheers guys!

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