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plug my new bass into my Acoustic Marshall Amp?


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HI all,

I'm new to playing Bass, however I have been an acoustic guitar player for 13 years...I also have just purchased an acoustic marshall amp and was wondering if i will damage it by plugging in my new bass?

I've never owned an amp before this and don't have much exp. with these things.... I have just purchaed the Bass and do not have money for another amp right now ,but i want to start playing asap.

Can someone offer some advise?



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It'll be Ok at bedroom levels - I play bass through a Fender Studio 85, which is a 65W 1x12 (Celestion) in the bedroom.


If you put real power into it, though, that speaker is not designed for bass & the bass might make it move too far - ie the speaker cone (cardboard) will rip right out the chassis - not good.


Keeping the volume down AND NOT BOOSTING THE BASS TONE CONTROL should be OK.


Boosting the bass tone control makes the speaker cone move further with the result explained above - it called excursion, and too much is over-excursion, hence the nasty ripping sound.


Keeping it down to conversational levels should be ok.



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If it is closed, that is good.


The computer sub has a port, but it is tuned to help that specific speaker by changing the resonating cavity. In other words, they can make a smaller box have that same bass response as a bigger one.


Guitar combos generally have open backs. This, however, is not making it tuned to a specific frequency. To make such large waves, you need to have sufficient pressure behind the speaker. The ported lowers the pressure a little, making it act like a larger box. Guitar combos with open backs have almost no pressure above the ambient. Running something with bass frequencies through this will make speaker overwork and blow out.


And it can be quite nasty too.

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