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Using the Line 6 Bass Pod XT Live for soundscapes?

Rob Thornton

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Recently, I've been dreaming of a solo loop-bass project that would emphasize sounds instead of riffs.


Could I (ab)use the Line 6 Bass Pod XT Live and come up with some cool and freaky sounds that would sound good when layered together? I've used an ART FX-1 multi-effects processor with some success but the poor thing died on me.





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Thanks for the kind welcome! :)


Offhand, I currently use a Schecter 4-string, an Ampeg B-100R Rocket amp, and a Boss ME-6B bass multi-effects pedalboard. The Boss can create some really wild sounds but everything is knob-based and effects storage is limited - I need more real-time control than the Boss has and hopefully the Line 6 can deliver.


I hadn't really thought about making sound clips but I'll definitely look into it. My only plans were to perform live before I do anything else - use the multi-effects to modify sounds then layer sheets of sound with a Boss Loop Station pedal.


And I'll be glad to stick around! *Looks around for the chips and soda*

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Hi Rob, welcome aboard. I guess it depends on what sort of changes you need to make to your sund, and how. With the POD XT Live, if you have your sounds preprogrammed into the unit, you can call them up easily enough. But if you want to modify the individual patches on the fly, it's much more of a problem, particularly on the XT Live unit, as it's on the ground at your feet. You'd have to kneel down to change anything in a particular patch.


If you can work with the sounds you have programmed without having to change the patches at the gig, the POD XT Live would be a great gadget to generate tones with. If you can afford it, you might even consider getting the Variax Bass to go with it. That would allow you to change bass models along with the patches when you went to a new program. Lotsa tones...

Always remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else.





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A MIDI controler would work well. With a nice sound module you'd have all kinds of "soundscapes" at your command. I have seen some used units on the usual places - recently.


Other options would be individual effects or a well programmed multi-effect unit - not an amp modeler with effects. Something like this:



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I'd go with a laptop to do that kind of soundscape.


I'm recording using a laptop loaded with Phrazor, which is normally a midi sequencer and VST plugin host. It also runs Mobius, which is a fantastic looper plugin emulating the Gibson Echoplex. I can control it from an m-audio O2 keyboard and an RFX foot controller.


The advantage of VST is that there are lots of free effects plugins out there, and some of them are deeply weird, which is perfect for what you're doing.

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