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gratitude, soundmen, drummers...oh my!


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so just a few updates and questions:


a.) Recently my drummer has been hating all of our fans. he keeps saying "i hate most of our fans" whenever we talk about them. He calls them stupid and that he loathes them. He also believes that they aren't really supporting us, that they only like us becuase of who we are, not the music. Anyone else had any problems with band members looking down upon fans, and how did you deal with it?



b.) The other night we played a show and the soundman said that my bass tone was "amazing", and that he loved how clean the bass sounded (not really an update but it made me feel super proud) :D .



c.) how's everyone doing!?



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About your drummer. In my band there was a member who was getting disinterested in the style of music. Part of that was him not liking the type of people that went to shows. I'd hear a lot of stuff out of his mouth about how they were typical whatever, and stupid and boneheads. It was sad to see as he was one of them for many years. He did end up leaving the band on great terms mind you. All I hope is your drummer isn't building bad publicity for your band. Those people who come to your show are the reason you play them and why venues have you.. but you know this. My pessimistic prediciton is he gets sick of the band pretty soon too.....damn drummers.


Congrats on the bass tone that impressed the sound guy. Did he say in specific why it stood out to him? I know you said clean, but I'd love to know more.

Mike Bear




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Mike B I think your point is made!! :) (triple)


BGO-All your drummer has to do is say something to the wrong person, i.e. girlfriend, friend of a manager at one of your gigging venues and then a boatload of guano starts a coming. See where he stands so the group and he doesn't waste time and you find out later that he has had a totally negative effect on the group.

Peoples taste change, I NEVER thought that the words "I like jazz" would ever come from my lips! oops I said it again. :)

A soundman digging a bass rig?? Are you sure you weren't dreaming?!? Well you know you got a good FOH mix then if he actually heard your tone.

Looks like that 8X10 is working out... Thats what you were playing through, correct? ACtually were you going throught the house SF? Or, was it jsut you rig carring you?

Great all around though.

Good luck with the drummer situation.




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Yep on both counts.


Our former singer would criticise the size of the audience and often the venue...on the mic! I'm not missing him...


Are drummers scarce in your parts? (hint hint)


There were a couple of sound guys I worked with years ago who were also bass players, so I was always confident (hopeful?) of the mix.

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If he feels that way he should get out - soon.

Start looking Beeg.


I got so fed up with the drunks and hillbillys that I quit the bar band. The guitarist on the other hand has always hated them but needs the ego stroke. Poor schlub.


Yes, very unusual to get a compliment on tone from a sound guy as their range of hearing doesn't get that low. Is he related to you? Dating your sister?

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You drummer is welcome to his opinion, although to my mind, anyone who comes to hear me play is great, regardless of whether they come because of the music or because they like me personally. I will take whoever comes and be glad they came, as long as they applaud/dance/cheer/etc in the appropriate spots and don't give me or the venue owner grief.

You do want to find out why he has the burr under his saddle. It may not really be about the audience at all. And in the meantime, you want to make sure he knows that he has to keep his opinion of the audience to himself, lest he drive paying customers away from the band's appearances and create for himself an unexpected opportunity to find his dream audience of superior-minded music fans all by himself.

Always remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else.





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Originally posted by Bass_god_offspring:

He also believes that they aren't really supporting us, that they only like us becuase [sic] of who we are, not the music.

Similar to what Picker said about finding out why he feels this way, is there a possibility that his point of view comes from his own dissatisfaction with the music? Not that he doesn't like it, but that he is somehow critical of how y'all are playing? This would mean that perhaps as a group you could ramp up the quality of your music, your performance, how tight you are as a unit, etc.


Or is this about you guys playing music that's more "out there" than your peers like, but because they're your friends they will come out to hear you?


Regardless of why they're there, it's great that they are. I don't have the same harsh view of the drummer as some of the others who have posted do. At least not based on the small amount of information you've already provided. I'd want to know more about why he feels the way he does.



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As far as your drummer's opinion of the people who come to your shows goes -- and this is only my opinion tempered with some experience -- is that that he's tired of things, what the band is doing, etc. I started to hear the same things late last November, and by the time the year was out, one bandmember's shitty attitude had infected nearly everybody. :mad:


Bottom line, we had to fold the tent on the band, probably the best band, and most popular --pound for pound -- that I've been in. :cry:


Face it, we all get cranky, want to keep to ourselves sometimes, etc. But, if you're up there playing, people are going to insist on talking to you, etc. Sometimes I don't *want* to talk to "fans" (read: drunks who want to come up and sing, play, etc.), but sometimes you just have to knuckle down and take it. They, after all, buy the drinks that get me paid and, without them, there would be no reason for me to be onstage, sad as that sometimes may seem. :rolleyes:


Disrespect for people who come to your shows and/or are interested in your band is. . .in a word. . .bad. Or lazy. Yeah, there are lechers and hangers-on out there, but whatever.


All I can say is take it in stride, take the good with the bad, and find a new drummer if you have to, rather than have his attitude become "malignant" to your band.


Enthusiasm is contagious. So are shitty attitudes. For starters, I'd pull him aside and at least mention your dissatisfaction, though.


Just my two centavos.


Peace, and good luck. :thu:

"When it comes to havin' a good time, nothing beats 'fun'. . ."


-- Stefan Johnson

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