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I need a GREAT octave pedal!


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Im tired of buy shi#! My board was... boss overdrive, mini Qtron, boss EQ, Boss Flanger. NOT GOOD!


making it better


Its now ....

Boss Flanger (great pedal), MoogerFooger low-pass filter with expression pedal....looking to get MXR D.I. 80 and a octave pedal


I need a GREAT octave pedal under $350 though. Anyone?

Feel the Vibration of the bass
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How about the Electro Harmonix POG? Don't know if it's under $350, although I think it is. It'll do octaves up, octaves down, blend them for a "Hammond organ" sound...evidently it'll do everything but cook you breakfast. Worth a look.
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First of all, play them both before you decide.


Second, here's my two cents ... I have (and use) both the Octabass and the POG. They're both great pedals, and I've decided not to dump one in favor of the other, because they do different things, and both are useful in different settings.


The POG tracks really well, and has a more musical sound when blended with the "dry" signal - if you want to fatten up your sound, it's really nice. However, I find it doesn't track well below a C (on the A string) - that is, it doesn't wobble or give you weird noises, but the sub octave just loses fatness and intensity once you start to go low. However, the POG is polyphonic, and of course, it also allows you to do one and/or two octaves above the dry pitch, as well as detuned octaves above. The POG's Low pass filter is a really thoughtful and useful addition too - it allows you to dial out annoying twang on the upper octaves ... Finally, I love that the POG doesn't wobble on sustained notes. It decays naturally.


As good as the POG is at what it does, I have to say that if you're only looking for a pedal that you can use for dropping an octave below on bass, the Octabass is probably the way to go. For bass, you probably don't need the polyphonic tracking that the POG offers. Polophony is a fun thing to futz with, but in a live setting, adding suboctave doubling on bass chords is well, pointless. The Octabass tracks well down to low E. And most importantly, the sound of the sub octave, although a bit more synthy than the POG's, is really phat and very present. Plus, in the real world, the EBS's dry and suboctave levels are much easier to adjust on the fly (just two knobs, as opposed to the POGs multi faders ...)


So I guess it all depends on what you're going to do with it. If you're playing live in a "typical" octave divider type situation (i.e. fretless lines, or fattening heavy riffs), the EBS is probably a better bet. If you're doing some experimental stuff, or covering upper registers, the POG gives you more options.


Finally, in case you're interested, I spent a long time in a test room testing the EH HOG against the POG, and came away underwhelmed by the HOG, and giddy about the POG ...


Good luck.

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Originally posted by getz76:

I have an old grey-model EBS Octabass. It does indeed bring the low octave. I like it.


Kramer, it will not do more than one note at a time. However, according to EBS, it will track the lowest note of a chord played. In practice, it works sometimes. :)

I have that one also and it works great. It replace my Boss OC-2 back in 1997 when they first came out with the EBS. The Boss never worked very good. I heard they updated it and came out with a OC-3 but I have not tried one, cause I love my old EBS. :)
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