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i'm from poland - my bass music


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Hi everybody :)

I'm from Poland

I greet want to invite on my site with mp3 songs for bass guitar...

About estimates you please.

This is url to my site: http://ibanezbass.mp3.wp.pl/

Click on the speaker Icon with white background for Lo-Fi (Dialup) connection and the one with Yellow background fro hi-fi (Broadband) Connection, or klick this icon -> http://img125.imageshack.us/img125/5016/dlbz3.gif if You want download the file


This is good bass stuff, or not ??



ps. my english is bad im sorry for this


I salute

Bass'em All :D
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Welcome to the forum. Don't worry about your English, it will probably improve as you keep posting. We're pretty tolerant of grammatical mistakes, especially for someone for whom English is a second language. Keep on posting. Tell us about yourself, how long you've been playing, what styles and pro players you like, all the skinny. Glad to have you aboard.

Always remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else.





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Welcome :wave:


I am listening now - how are the drum sounds done?


It sounds like you have the groove right.


Where in Poland are you? I have a friend living near Krakow.




Acoustic Color


Be practical as well as generous in your ideals. Keep your eyes on the stars and keep your feet on the ground. - Theodore Roosevelt

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Welcome ewerybody :)


- i play six years long.

- i like styles: Metal(every), Rock, Funk, Fusion, Punk.

- my favorite pro players is: Wojtek Pilichowski(TT),Flea(rhcp), Victor Wooten, Cliff Burton - rip [*], Jean Baudin...

- my favorite music bands is: Kult-kazik-KNZ-elDupa-Buldog,R.H.C.P.,Death,










BigCyc,T.Love,Ksu,Piersi,Pilichowski,PiR2,Woobie Doobie,Jacek

Kaczmarski,R.A.T.M.,S.O.A.D.,Korn,FateNoMore, Dave Weckl,

Yellowjackets,Pudelsi & Homo Twist,Raraborn,Fiutyd,Maelstrm,Continuo

Renacer,Dzem... and many more (i don't remember all)


- i living in Zgorzelec City(Beside border german/polish) (500km from Krakow)


Salute :)

Bass'em All :D
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