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GK Bratpack deal


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Has anybody else seen the G-K Bratpack 150 watt head and 1x15 cab deal Musicians Friend has? $349 for both, and it looks like a pretty nifty little rig for small gigs. Any feedbcak on the head, cab or both?

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I've looked at it several times and thought about asking for it for Father's Day, but it's just far more than I need right now. Personally I think it's a great deal but I would think you'd want to play through it first. Still...it's G-K, man!

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Picker...I think you could do much better with a good combo, especially if you look used. For instance, a used Nemesis NC-210 can usually be had for around $400, give or take a bit. There's plenty of others that I think would be more capable than this small rig.



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