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Mayones basses


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My dad and I went to Germany yesterday, more specifically to Cologne because there's a large music store (called Music Store :rolleyes: ) and we felt like checking out some gear :)


Well, they have loads of it !!! Anything between the price range of 77 and 3777 euro (from a J&D bass to a Warwick) and loads in between (some even costing more than that).


What struck my eye particularly were the Mayones basses they had. Prices range from 1000 to 2500 euro for their models.


I didn't play one because the place was crowded and I wasn't intent on buying anything anyway, but when I get enough money together (end of year, if all goes well) I am surely going to check out these Mayones ... Especially this one


There were also a lot of nice basses from the brand "Fame" (anything from mid-priced & entry level to high end basses) but I can't find a link (yet).

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Wow, they sure are pretty enough! Nice design--modern without looking like it's "trying too hard" to look modern. Lots of models, gorgeous woods of all varieties, Schaller hardware, Bartolini & Basslines pickups...should be good. It appears to be a Polish brand, which is something I've never seen. Would really love to hear one!!


In USD, the prices Eddie gives are roughly $1,275 to $3,200. Not cheap, but pretty reasonable for mid- to high-end customs.


Thanks for the link. :thu:

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There is a store in Frankfurt that really has a lot of good equipment, and at nice prices. Its near the bonhof excuse my spelling I have not been in Germany in years. Anyway you may want to try them and see what they have to offer.
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Some nice lines on many of those basses.


Too bad you didn't get to finger one. I would like to know about the feel and the sound.


Probably time for me to bump the thread about European basses...



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