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Really dumb question


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I purchased a Yamaha BB414 about 3 months ago. I love the bass...great bass...orange...very cool, but I bought it online and I have no idea how to tell people what I have and don't want to expose my lack of smarts. So...is it a BB "four-one-four" or "four-forteen". See, I told you it was a really dumb question.
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I gather you are very young. Here's the answer: Who cares? Seriously...how would you say the number if it wasn't in the model name of a bass? That's a nice bass...hone your skills on it and your playing will speak for itself.


Welcome, btw.



Old bass players never die, they just buy lighter rigs.

- Tom Capasso, 11/9/2006


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You may want to work on your gathering skills before winter comes.


I am actually a licensed professional who decided to pick up a bass about 3 years ago after an aborted attempt to play for about a year in college. Funny how things work. My doofus friends and I now have a major label record deal and are currently developing a TV series for a national network. In addition, I am a voting member of the Academy of Recording Artists. Up for a Grammy? Let me know and I will do what I can.


I did all of this playing an Aria Pro II, a Washburn 100(?) I spray painted orange myself and a borrowed, beat-up Mexican made Fender Precision. I believe the only way to get the first two is with the highly respected, professional starter pack complete with amp and instructional booklet. I lost all my gear (along with everything else I had that does not breath) in the big storm of 2006. Most of what has happened has come since the storm. Am I boasting? Sure I am. But I also think it is somewhat inspriational on a variety of levels. So...no, I am not young. I am actually a battle tested veteran of life who just wants to know how the hell I refer to my new bass. Sometimes the littlest thing just eat at you.


Thank you Cleveland....GOODNIGHT!!

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