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Those familiar with Carvin


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Hail lowdowners,


I am considering a custom bass through Carvin. I have been looking through the website and catalogs for research for quite some time.


One option in a bass that I am very interested in is the size of the neck. I am not a large person by any means and would like to have what is considered a "fast" neck, closer towards a "Geddy Lee" bass. I was told by a representative that the Carvins are smaller and flatter than a Fender Jazz. Is this true? I currently play a 4 string Ibanez SRX, which is considered to have a "very playable" neck.


And while I am on the subject of a neck, they also offer different radius in regards to the fret board. Can anyone give me their opinion on the three sizes? 12" is standard, then they offer a 10"(said to be better for chording) and a 14"(said to be better for string bending).


I plan on following up on further questions, but if you could also offer me your honest opinion on Carvin basses, in general, it would be most helpful.


Thank you.

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I find carvin necks to be somewhat flat front to back and very comfortable. At the nut it is a tiny bit wider than a Fender Jazz but certainly no deeper. As far as neck radius, all the options are fairly flat. I believe a standard jazz has a 9 1/2 inch radius so all your options are flatter than that. I personally prefer something like a 7 1/2" inch radius, but that's a personal taste type thing.

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That is very interesting that they are offering radius choices. The neck on my 2001 LB70P has a very flat profile, like a Jazz, but is wider at the nut. The Fender neck does feel smaller, cause it is. I think the radius is 9".


I believe the radius is 15" on my Carvin, which I have gotten quite used to, and also like alot.

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I have a Carvin LB70. The neck is very comfortable. It's a really nice bass.


As far as radius -- it has a 14" radius. My StingRay is an 11" radius and my Nordstrand is a compound 10"-14" radius.


If I were getting a Carvin right now, I'd likely go with a 10" or 12" radius over the 14". I tend to like a little more curve in the fingerboard. I don't really think any particularly radius is better or worse in any kind of absolute sense. Also, the difference between 10" and 12" and 14" is not that great.






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I have a lb75 and i love it. It plays better than my fenderesk four and the tone weight asthetics are all really really good. I prefer really flat necks but that is me. The basses play better than the ibanez but also have better tone.

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I have a Carvin 6 string. It's a very nice bass and compares well to my other basses that cost two to three times as much.


The back of the neck is flatter than a Fender.


A rounder radius is easier to chord on. You're probably not going to bend strings so that doesn't really matter.


Different basses of mine have different radii. I don't really notice a whole lot of difference and I'm generally pretty picky about things...I've made modifications to almost everything I own.

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I'm a little off of Carvin, personally.


I had a really awful customer service experience with them last year, and recently dumped my LB75 as a result.


And you'll get whacked big-time on the resale value if you ever sell yours.

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I own a few and they're just great. The only ones I ever sold were extras I couldn't justify in keeping as I hadn't used them in years and wanted to pare down to 30 instruments. Ditto on the cabinets.


If you see a used one in a store it won't stay there for long. If you see a defective or badly beaten up one it was definitely abused by the prior owner. Carvin doesn't intentionally produce junk, but now and then a lemon slips through the quality control process, just like with any other product from any other manufacturer.


I'm not a Carvin employee or artist endorser. I just like what they make and consider them good buys on the way to pro equipment. And I ain't selling any of my Carvin fretlesses, period.


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I havent dealed with carvin in years but i do know that JBL and FENDER were at one time making a lot of thier stuff. I found this out when I was building my own cabients for my bass rig. I saw a cabient design I like and a carvin worker mail me the pattern for it in the mail.
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