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Bass Player needed in Reading or Uxbridge area


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Help! We have just lost our bass player! We have 7 finished songs and lots of new ideas. check out some of our tunes at http://www.myspace.com/avataroriginal (One acoustic and one not)

We need someone who is up for putting their ideas to 7 or 8 written songs to get us gigging and then start writing new ones together. Being willing to gig is a must! (U'd be surprised)


If you can get to Reading for rehearsal. Or if you live in the Uxbridge area, we could rehearse around there.

If you fancy meeting up for a jam, please let me know either by messaging the myspace page or emailing davidbean@btopenworld.com

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I've listened to your songs. I particularly like Lovely Song. This song his more dynamic range and intensity IMHO. Is it an aural illusion that the tempo picked up after the intro?


Good luck in your search for a bassist. Are you members of www.musofinder.com? They have 24,000 UK musicians registered.


I did a search for Berkshire +bassist and there were 47 responses of varying ability. Check it out.



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Also try www.partysounds.co.uk, both this and musofinder are free - a lot of the others like Musicians In Your City and Bandmix seem to charge and at the same time appear to have fewer musicians registered.
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I've tried musofinder, but that partysounds is a new one to me. so thanks for the help.


If you do hear of a bass player with about 2 years or more experience though, let them know i'm looking!


er, yeh, The lovely song was recorded in a garage in sub-zero temperatures, so it does speed up a little. a big no no i know, but i was wearing gloves and a scarf and i could see my breath!


Thanks again!

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