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just in general

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I love being a musician.


Last night we had a great show.


the crowd waas pretty good (100 +/-) for the place we played (The Underground).


and we played with this amazing band who is super nice.


but mainly, from the whole thing i think i was generally happy just to be there, playing music, and having people come out to see us do it (not to mention getting paid for it).


I've always loved it, but last night just basically rocked.


the only problem was my wireless not working.



...oh well.


and for the first time in our career we had a larger crowd then our friends band (slight friendly rivalry), who played before us.


also, the manager of the venue (and mulitple other bands and venues in sacramento) loves us.


...so i basically just wanted to say that i'm so glad to be a musician, and that it's truely an amazing business we all are in.





5 words you should live by...


Music is its own reward



My Band: www.Myspace.com/audreyisanarcissist

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Ya know Beeg, that is what keeps me doing it. There are good crowds, there are so-so crowds and then there are great crowds. The rush of the entire audience screaming "YEAHHHH!!!" at the end of a tune is one that cannot be gotten in any other way.

Enjoy it and revel in that moment 'cause trust me, it isn't always like that.

Rock on dude.

"He is to music what Stevie Wonder is to photography." getz76


I have nothing nice to say so . . .


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