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Speed Control HELP!!!


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Hi there,


I'm looking for a "Speed control" machine or anything that controls the speed of the song.

So I will be able to get the notes of the song easier.


Does anyone knows where I can get it??? or software that does the same thing?


I do appreciate for any help.


Best regards,


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I really like the TASCAM BT (bass trainer) It is a geat CD Player that actually slows the music down, up to 50% without changing the pitch. You can also raise or lower the Key as necessary. Plus it has a wide selection of Effects that can enhance your sound. It has a easy to use LOOP feature that allows you to play the same area of music repeatedly to learn a certain part. I play mine exclussivly with a head set. Your can find them on Ebay for about $129.00. NOTE: be sure to get the power supply with it. Batteries only last 2-3 hours.

There is the original BT-1 and a newer version The BT-2 This is the greatest player aid I have ever used. GET IT !!!! Rocky

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There is a plug-in available for Windows Media Player called Chrontron. It allows you to adjust speed and key.


I have the Tascam Guitar Trainer (bought before they announced a bass version). It works great with CDs. You can play MP3s through it, but it won't adjust the key or speed.




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