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I'm still alive

r.s.m. post k

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Been awhile , i see there are a bunch of new bassers around here.Well im still rebuilding from katrina (5 trees leveled the house)so i haven't had time to visit, with working 12 hrs a day at work and a few hours at the house doesn't leave time for much else.I couldn't even remember nothing to log on with. The basses survived the storm,how i don't know, with a pine tree knocking them all around. some where in hard cases others were in soft.Most everything else in the house got messed up except the kids rooms. But somehow the pa cabinets i had in he music room held alot of debris from falling on the recordind gear a little scuffed up but still comes on.Before the storm i did spread all my eguip into different rooms in there cases the basses were on my waterbed which got punctured buy the tree coming threw the roof and they were scattered everywhere but ok.hopefully in 3 to 4 months i will be finished rebuilding ( kinda hard when no contractors will call you back and you gotta do everything yourself) but at least i know it will be done right.


There is a silver lining to all this gloom. the house will now have 2 sound proof rooms the closed in garage which is 20 by 20 and an upstairs 15 by 30 (i didn't have an upstairs before)paid for by insurance company but me doing the labor.Everything in the house is being upgraded to the best.Same as above, me doing all the work insurance company paying.I'm getting all the labor money since no contractors will call back for the work.So its nothing but the best but alot of hard work and cursing( cursing makes the job go so much better). The day job 6 to 7 days a week 12 hrs a day.The pay has jumped way up making the best money i have ever made. Last but not least my new living quarters since the storm a 28 ft travel trailer my insurance company bought for me ,that i can shower, sh7t ,and brush my teeth at the same time ( and i'm not kidding)

peace out brothers and sisters till i can get back to visiting on a regular schedule


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Welcome back, and glad you survived!


Sounds like one of those things that happens in life that is not so hot but some good can come from it. I hope it all works out well, and let us know how things are progressing...


Take care.

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My goodness R.S.M., it has been a long time!


Sorry to hear about all of the HARD work you are having to do. I know it is tuff work, cause I helped my Dad in his house for only a few days, and it wore me out! But I did learn how to "tape and float" sheetrock!


If I would have known you were really back in Luziana... I could have invited you over for some gumbo with our fellow lowdowner Joe Day (Jode), cause he was in town for the Jazz Fest and we got to meet.


Glad you are back. REALLY glad you are getting all of the new space and new stuff!


Welcome home.


... connie z

"Change comes from within." - Jeremy Cohen


The definition of LUCK: When Preparation meets Opportunity!



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