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Yamaha RBX775-5


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Go to a shop and play it. Only you will know if it´s good for you. Usually Yamaha offers decent quality for the price asked. I played one a while ago and liked it. Here´s what the company says about the RBX775:


Click Here


In this pricerange you have already many options...

What ever...
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I have an RBX765A. It's the previous version of the 775. I absolutely love it!

The 775 looks like they've taken the 765 and tweaked it. I'd love to get my hands on one...



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Only once it's in your hands will you know if it's the right bass for you. (tone is subjective; also things like neck shape/size, 'feel' vary from person-to-person).


That being said, Yamaha is a quality company. You can be confident that you are buying from a manufacturer that has a solid reputation.


Let us know how it turns out!

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I also have a Yamaha RBX 5 string and I would not be without it.


The extra width of the fretboard, going from 4 to 5 was an initial prob, but this isn't exclusive to Yamaha.


Otherwise I've found it easy to set up, restring and play. The Pre-amp gives plenty of variation and the pups are quiet.


Generally I've found it Good Enough. The only issue I'd mention is, I've found the paint finish a little soft & easy to chip.



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