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New Band!


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....played the first show a little while ago, gonna post some music soon.


Until then...



And some pictures








I've never been ahppier as a musician, I'm so psyched! I'll let everyone know when we put up some songs and let me know if you want to check out a show!


Thanks Guys!

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I love the outdoor setup. Good luck with the new band.

"Some people are like "slinkies". They're not really good for anything;

but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a

flight of stairs."

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It's 4 10's actually. The rig sounded absolutely massive!!! I left it flat with the gain and master around 2:00 IIRC. Looking at that pic of the amp, it looks like the master is actually a lot higher than 2:00 with the gain around 12:00.


I'm really locing the sound of the jazz bass too! If you can see, I'm playing with a pick. I loved this sound on the song we played this night. I think I'm officially a jazz bass guy! Somebody give me a round of applause, or another jazz bass :)


Oh, and before you comment on my horrible left hand position in the first picture, realize that I was muting with the left hand; the neck pickup cover I have on that jazz bass really makes the motion in pick playing and slapping much smoother and mroe intuitive for me, but a drawback is taht it makes right handed muting much mroe difficult when resting the palm on the cover.


P.S. Anybody spot the pedalboard of doom? :)

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Wow, it's only April and you can play an outdoor gig at night already??? Dammit, I'm moving to California!!
Now theres three of you in a band, youre like a proper band. Youre like the policemen.
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