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alpha series speaker?


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I bought a Hartke kickback 12 combo after trading 5 emails making sure nothing was wrong with it. don't think i will ebay anymore.


Drove a 2 hours to pick it up, guy wasn't there to talk to, all i had was a guitar to make sure it worked. took it home. got a loaner bass from a friend and right away heard a buzzing sound randomly no matter what settings or volume. well apparently the speaker is blown but sounded ok with a guitar because i didnt have any low frequency to test i guess. and now i need a new speaker.


A guy recommended eminence alpha series 12" 150w 8ohm paper cone to use on my hartke 120w 8ohm combo and said it should work and be more reliable than the pos aluminum hartke stock, and would be most cost-effective.


Do you guys agree? or have different suggestions? Just going to use to practice/jam, house parties and such. (till i get gooder :D )


I figure after i replace it i will take the old one to the guy that sold me the amp, write a nice note to him attach it to the speaker, and chuck it through his house window. he deserves a proper thank you me thinks.

I wish I had a Sig
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First step - double check the auction for a return policy. If he used the default eBay policy you have seven days. EBay and PayPal (or your credit card company) have processes in place for such occasions.


Second step - never trust advice from "a guy" unless he has credentials, and in this case some speaker cabinet design software.


There are a couple old threads about speaker replacement in existing cabinets that were designed for a specific driver. There's some science involved in finding a replacement speaker that's compatible with the volume and vent of the cab. The basics are to know the internal dimensions of the cab and have some understanding of Thiele-Small parameters.


I'll leave most of the searching to you, but one of the most thorough is THIS THREAD about making a cabinet.


That said, Eminence is probably the most trusted name in the business. If the math works, it's a wise choice. I once emailed Eminence about replacing speakers, with cabinet dimensions and information about the amplifier I was using, they were quick to reply with a suggestion.

- Matt W.
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I'm not holding up much hope on the eBay dispute, (unless you want to file complaints with your state's Consumer Affairs office) so let's go the other way and talk sppeaker replacement.


The Hartke speakers are (expletive deleted) IMHO and should be replaced. The Eminence Deltas and Gammas will give you double (perhaps more) the efficiency and power ratings and cost a little more than the alphas. Do yourself a favor and go with the Gammas, which will be more cost-effective for you in the long run. (meaning you won't need a 2nd cabinet down to road if your prime cabinet can handle 600 watts with a pair of Gammas). In fact I don't know if they use a piezo or a real tweeter in there, but I bet upgrading that would reduce the hiss. (piezos tend to be cheap but noisy alternatives to high-end amplification)

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