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7 string (guitar)

thanny XIII

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Has anyone played or owned or know someone who has played or owned the washburn seven string guitar. I'm prolly buying it off a friend for 100 bucks for writing and dinking around purposes.

I knew a girl that was into biamping,I sure do miss



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I got a Conklin 7-string guitar for about $120, and I'll never sell it, it's worth twice the price. The 7-string basses are much pricier but they're made with equal attention to details and quality.


I've played a few Washburns, most recently an ES-335 clone, but I think Conklin's got it over Washburn hands down, even though both are Korean imports. Epiphone (another Korean import) also makes excellent 7-strings, and there's a Fender model priced a bit more (in the $200-300 range) that is pretty hot as well. But then some people would rather get "a good deal" than a quality guitar.

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