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recommended DVD: not exactly a bass cd

jeremy c

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The other night we rented:


Tom Dowd & The Language of Music .


This tells the incredible story of a man who engineered, produced, and invented recording equipment for over 50 years.


If you have listened to jazz, 50's rock, classic rock, classic soul you have heard his work.


The clips of the various artists in the studios are priceless...(although all a little too short).


Gain incredible insight into the history and practice of recording music by watching this DVD.


I give it my highest recommendation. :thu:

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+ 1 ..

Jeremy .... I recently viewed this ...the guy was amazing...

he was also involved in "The Manhattan Project" which had to do with the development of the atomic bomb...



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I rented that a few months back. Fantastic DVD. Musta watched it about 10 tens before I sent it back! I especially dug the shots of Tom Dowd working the mixes on those old consoles with the great big dials (no sliders) and adjusting the levels, on the fly, with hands stretched out oh so far...now THAT's old school!


Really...go get this one for some great insights on how music used to be recorded in the days before digital.



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Just finished watching it last night. So so so good! Everyone on this board must go rent it now. You won't be disappointed!


If it wasn't for Tom Dowd, most of us might not know what the bass was, since before he came along you could never hear it.

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