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Pick-up/Preamp wiring help? Please?


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So the Sterling body and neck arrives tommorow and I've made a couple of small decisions on the electronic side of things.


1) I have Seymour Duncan's Music Man Replacement preamp that I'm putting in. It's a 3 band, 3 knobs with 1 of them being a concentric pot. I emailed Seymour Duncan about splitting the concentric pot into two and they said I just needed two 100k pots. Where should I get these? I want some quality pots, as this is a quality bass. I also need to buy some strap buttons as well as some chrome knobs, so a site that has all of those would be preferred. Any idea where?


2) The Sterling has a pickup selector, which if possible I'd like to have. Do you think there's a way of wiring that would allow this? I imagine so, but I know nothing about electronics. Is it possible? Do you know how?


Thanks for the advice and help!


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Don't buy strap buttons - buy Dunlop StrapLoks. Much better.


You should get 100K pots at Radio Shack (DiMarzio and many others do them too) but the quality isn't so much of an issue these days IMHO.


Don't know about your last question. I'm sure many others do.



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I believe that Seymour Duncan makes a tri-coil Music Man Replacement pickup made for the Sterlings and Stingray 5s that have that selector switch. However, you should be able to wire up any four conductor humbucker to that switch, you'll just need a wiring diagram. I would contact Seymour Duncan and/or Music Man for the proper wiring.
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