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4 ohm Speaker Upgrades


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Hello guys! just checking out this new forum which seems great!!


Few questions for all:


I've got an Aguilar GS112 cab[ 8ohms) that i would like to upgrade to 4 ohm capacity:


1) how do I go about it?

2) Where would i purchase 4 ohm spks replacements?

3) Do also upgrade the horn??


Anyone done somthing similar??


THanks in advance

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Contact Aguilar either online, or call......you can get their number from the back of your 112 or online. They will tell you what parts you need, how to go about doing it, and where you can get the correct speaker and horn for your application. Good Luck
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1) You'd swap the speaker for a 4 ohm model.

2) You can't - Aguilar only sell that speaker as an 8 ohm model.

3) You'd just turn the horn attenuator up slightly.


However it wouldn't be an upgrade. 4 ohm is no better than 8 ohm. The only reason to make the change is if you want to use more cabs and the total nominal impedance is below your amp's minimum rated impedance, in which case the change would tend to be from 4 ohm to 8 ohm, not vice versa. Changing from 8 ohm to 4 ohm will get you at best 3dB of extra amp power, and more likely 1.5-2dB. Really not worth the hassle - intelligent cab placement and EQ will make far more difference than that much extra power.



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Originally posted by Tom Capasso:


Buy another 8 ohm cab. Now you're at 4 ohms.



Ditto...two 8 ohm drivers (twice the driver surface area) will get you twice as much volume increase as merely switching the 8-ohm driver for a 4-ohm driver (even if it were possible).


Switching an 8-ohm with a 4-ohm would also change the crossover frequency, although I don't recall right off if it would lower it or raise it.


Don't be tempted to replace the 8-ohm driver with any other driver than what Aguilar specifies (if one exists, which I gather is not the case)...the cabinet is designed around the driver, and without considerable analysis, you'll have no idea what the result would actually sound like.



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