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Heard of Jose Gonzalez? CD called Veneer.


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Lowdowners I can't put this album away. This Swedish born, Argentine-parented acoustic guitarist is sublime. He plays flemenco guitar and sings. Yup, no bass, no drums just guitar.


"So what" I hear you say. Trust me on this one. Check him out. He's touring the US: http://www.parasol.com/labels/hiddenagenda/aha074.asp


Every song he uses non-standard tuning and fabulous non-shredding technique. He sings in immaculate english.


I'm glad to see he is playing Hammersmith in London in April: Phil W/Alex/Other Londoners any interest?


sleep-is-for-wimps :thu:


"We will make you bob your head whether you want to or not". - David Sisk
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I trust you Davo. How come you're still up at 1? I struggle to stay awake until midnight (unless I'm in the missle of a gig)


Yeah, Davo - been reading good things about him - can't remember the music from the ad - except it made me feel good - I watch so much TV with the volume muted - especially during the ads.


If you're going to see him Davo, I wouldn't mind coming along - depending on the date, of course.

I finally have some gigs coming up - and I've been asked to sing backing vocals (they've obviously never heard me sing). I found a great bunch of threads on here by searching - printed out a Real Book sized selection to read - much help.


Hey, I'm going off on a tangent, if you have any tips - PM me; this thread should remain about Mr Gonzalez. . . and bouncing balls ;)

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