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Tell me this isn't hilarious...


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That was painful. I think I will learn to play an new instrument now.

"Some people are like "slinkies". They're not really good for anything;

but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a

flight of stairs."

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Originally posted by jeremy c:

The one on how to stretch your strings teaches you a good way to destroy your strings and get decreased life out of them.

That's a creative method. I'm sure he won't have to worry about infringing on the copyrights of any proper how-to videos or books.


I give him an E for Effort.

- Matt W.
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Originally posted by getz76:

British humor?



hehe, I am going as Benny for a fancy dress this weekend....btw I have had the Benny Hill tune as my ringtone for about 2 yrs, goes great in the boardroom



Now to start a debate, outside of the UK and the Commonwealth, Satire or Monty Python type does not seem to be a popular form of comedy....is it bigger then A$$ and T%T comedey in (Chris Rock etc) in the US?

no beer until July 1
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Hi Aussie bass dude, dude.


I don't understand what A$$ and T%T is but satire is a very British proclivity.


On the other hand the kid looks like he's on anti-depressants so I'd better hope he doesn't post here.


At least it was free.

I'm back in bass!
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Actually, most people over here couldn't (at the time) understand why Benny Hill suddenly became so popular in the US.


I must admit I found him hilarious when I was a teenager - probably because my mother disapproved of him, but as I grew older, his appeal lessened.


When he died, I don't think he had appeared on TV over here for many, many years.


Perhaps his finest hour was in 'The Italian Job'?



"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the World will know Peace": Jimi Hendrix


The Geoff - blame Caevan!!!

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Originally posted by BenLoy:

Holy shite...



That was of course technically very demanding, and I admire his amazing proficency with the instrument.


I should be so lucky to attain even a small degree of that mastery.


...but I just gotta say that solo had very little muscality in it to me...I was just thinking "...ho hum..." surely, it's gonna go somewhere?


...but alas, it didn't.


Unfortunately that sort of stuff just comes across as being boring as batshit. It's just playing fast for the sake of playing fast. I can't see the value in it.



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Did someone say "British Humor"? Nothing compares! I can't understand why we can't just import shows like "The Office" as is. Americanizing it simply dilutes the originality, IMO. Does anyone remember the hype about the American version of Fawlty Towers? P-U!


**End of rant**



-- Joe --


"If you think you're too old, then you are." --Lemmy Kilmister

"I have not seen a man who is not god already." --Austin Osman Spare

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