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Long & McQuade house brand strings.


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I was wondering if anyone knows who makes Long and McQuade's (Canada's answer to Sam Ash) house brand strings.


I put a set of their roundwounds BEAD on my Ibanez about two weeks ago and MAN! ...the brightness, oh the brightness, make it go away....ahhhhhhhhhh! :eek:


What a lot of "zing" for a lack of a better description.


Will they ever settle down? :freak:

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I love brand new strings.


You can always turn down the treble on your bass and on your amp.


But if the strings don't have the treble zing, you can't turn it up.


I suppose I could go into business selling the strings I take off my bass.


"Tired of the new string zing? Buy pre-worn strings carefully broken in by a pro player. Operators are standing by."

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I used those Long and McQuade's last year in Vancouver of my mates bass...yep they are house brand



quick question, who here keeps there old strings??


I feel like a bag lady sometimes when I look in the old ammo box (30mm shell box) where i keep all my gig stuff....I think I have about 25 sets of used strings in there...do i need help?


I cant seem to throw them out, and If they are DR, I cant throw out 80 bucks worth of strings


maybe I can go into to business with Jeremey,we can call it the north/south string zings...for players who want reverse polarity

no beer until July 1
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