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Mike Oldfield


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I did my usual 4am traul and had to share this. I've only seen pics of Mike and he's always had facial hair, so I presume this is he. I know he plays all his own instruments and has some tasty bass parts, a good player in his own right.


By the way, you all have to get a copy of Ommadawn. It's his best composition IMO.


His technique is this vid isn't exactly bass tech and is rather idiosyncratic but it seems to groove rather effectively.

I'm back in bass!
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He's a fad we went through for a while over here - haven't heard from him in a long time, but I've always liked his guitar playing style.



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I was quite fond of Oldfield's "Islands" album; had the instrumental epics "The Wind Chimes pts 1 & 2" and some shorter, semi-radio friendly songs with Max Bacon on vocals, and a woman who's name escapes me but reminded me of Kate Bush. Phil Spalding (Spaulding?) who played in GTR with Max played bass on a lot of this album.

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At the risk of alienating anyone at all, I will say that I always preferred the Moerlen era of Gong to Daevid Allen's.

I will also note that I discovered both Gong and Holdsworth when I purchased a cassette of Expresso II from a dollar bin at Woolworth's. I was probably around 17.


Hello, Hansford Rowe!


On topic, I will also say that I went through an Oldfield phase at one point, and still will very occasionally drag out Tubular Bells for a listen.






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