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thanny XIII

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A quick trip to the Hipshot bass whammy webpage shows that it will cost you $242 for the part and $40 for the routing template. And then you'll have to pay someone to do the work.


Maybe you should look into a Digitech Whammy Pedal.


Whammy is not commonly used on the bass and you will probably not ending up using it a lot in your life so it may just be a dream.


Or maybe it is something that is necessary to fulfill you're artistic vision. If that's the case, money should not be a consideration.


If I gave up drinking triple espressos I'd have enough money saved up in two months.


But that will never happen.

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I always thought a whammy bar could be fun, I enjoy playing with them on my friends guitars, but it really is just playing, probably not worth the cost for me.


I would be curious to play one on a bass, who knows, maybe I would like it enough to do it.


Anyways, as to your question, Ebay will probably have what you want, but other then that, save up some cash and do what you gotta do.

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Many years ago I played a Carvin bass with a whammy bar. It was fun for about 15 minutes and then lost its appeal. I can see how a solo artist might get some use out one, but thats not me. That bass also weighed a metric ton!


I like JCs pedal suggestion better. No PITA tremelo set up, and can do more than just one thing.

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The pedal's better (so's a V-Bass) but if you must: buy a cheap bass first and route that out for a whammy. It'll help you:


(a) realize how much work it takes to mod an instrument,

(b) hone your wood-working and machine shop skills and

© decide if you want to do that to a bass built with denser and more expensive woods.


Oh yeah, and it should entertain you for at least a couple of months. Afterwards, you can hang your whammy-bass on the wall next to the gun rack and the 7-antlered buck head. Visitors will point to it and ask "what possesed you to do that?"


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