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Fun Church Gig last night


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Hey everyone,


Just thought I'd share about a fun little gig I had last night. Our contemporary worship band played for a city-wide confimation gathering at one of the nice concert venues in town. There were a few hundred kids and parents in attendance, a couple speakers and us for music.


I am always a little surprised to see kids "into it" at these gatherings. I mean, I remember when I was that age. I did all the stuff I was supposed to, but we never had any fun things like this. Times have changed over the last 25 years I guess. We played a bunch of the standard tunes, kids sang, did the actions, etc. We were warmly receievd throughout the evening - which was nice.


It's a large (2,500 person) auditorium and they have a pretty sweet system. I didn't get a look at the FOH, but we had PAS mains and EV monitors. I brought a bass, BDDI and TU-2, plugged in and played. We had a good 45 minutes to sound check and get a monitor mix. Kinda fun to have a quasi big time gig.


I thought we played well. I know we all had a good time. The drummer and I seemed to lock in quite well. He's a great player and about the only drummer I've played with for about 3 years. He'll be heading off to Illinois for for graduate school. He will be missed.


Anyway, it was fun and I thought I'd share as I don't get many cool gigs like that.

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It's nice to see the churches bring in worship music for such events. It wasn't that way when I was young either.


Granted, 15-20 years ago worship music was just beginning to come of age and distribution was slim, the kids weren't familiar with the music at all. While there was some dance-able Christian pop music, it was still very much a niche market.


Glad you had a good time with it Steve, as that's what we do this music thing for.

- Matt W.
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Very cool, Steve! :cool:


I certainly don't get that kind of reaction playing at Catholic masses every Sunday. ;)


It must have been close to 30 years ago, but I remember being dropped off with my older brothers at a baseball diamond to hear a free outdoor concert. It was really the first time I'd been to a rock concert. I seem to remember there being a sign saying "Godspell", but I could be wrong. I just remember thinking it was loud. ;)


Terms for Jason:

front of house (FOH), the venue's sound reinforcement (SR) system controlled out front

Tech21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI (BDDI)

BOSS TU-2 Chromatic tuner (TU-2)

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Glad to hear your gig went well Steve. I think God likes it when we have a good time playing for Him. It means your heart is in it and that's what He wants.

The kids are really hip these days, too. They seem to know all the songs and all the steps, like you said.

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Originally posted by Gospel7theZealot:

good stuff steve.


terms to define:


FOH, bddi, tu-2.



FOH = "Front of House". Basically covers everything from the PA mains speakers and subs, to amps, mixers, effects in even the soundguy, depending on usage. Everything but the amps/instruments on stage and the monitors.


BDDI = Sansamp BDDI preamp. The rackmount I think


TU-2 = Boss TU-2 tuner pedal

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hey way to go. I go to a catholic chuch myself I will be confirm this easter, Father Al wants me to get something going for the english mass. WE have a spanish mass also and they really get in to it. The english mass is so dull. I go to the other mass sometimes just to hear thier great band. Well have a nice day
ricky payne
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