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jonnie u

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Originally posted by jonnie u:

You ever notice how the musicianship in Joy Division is so shabby

but genious and intricate at the same time.


they play some really interesting musical passages in a very

unstudied genious sort of way,...


peep it



I'm seriously......shocked.

Yesterday I was listening to californication for the first time in a year or so, and remembering Flea's joy division influence I put substance in the cd player.

I couldnt agree with you mroe J.U. I was thinking the exact same thing as I was listening to she's lost control. Even in comparison to new order, there is a chaotic naivete in Joy divisions music that is humbling, yet you realize that the music is really genius at the same time.


Talk about a spooky coincidence....

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I get the same feeling from some of the early beatle's stuff as well. I mean, I'm listening to no reply right now; it's not super tight but the way they use those sharp dynamic changes and the feel is just amazing. Also, don't let me down; it's got that same quality to it, it's not ground breaking or anything...but it's got that feel.
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Thank you for bringing these guys up again.


I pulled them up on my (legal) Napster and purchased the "Heart and Soul" tracks that were available. Listening to them I realized that many of the bass lines I have worked out in the past have been very simular to the ones I am hearing(when he plays something other than straight 8th notes).


Joy Division provides a solid groove for dancing, which I would strive to do, if I were pumping out original music. I also enjoy the "80's" feel, but would like a little rougher edge to it.


Anyway, I am enjoying it. Very addicting sound.

"Some people are like "slinkies". They're not really good for anything;

but they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a

flight of stairs."

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I love Joy Division, but I like New Order better. Musically they had progressed, and Peter Hook was a driving force in the band for many years. I attribute my early playing style to him.

If you like New Order, check out the 'next' incarnation of the band - Electronic. Great melodies and just good music.

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