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Humorous random music moment of the day


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Had to share.


I'm listening to my entire music collection on 'shuffle' right now. This is always entertaining and good for a laugh. Just now I had these songs happen:


"Advance Romance" - Frank Zappa (YCDTOSA volume 3 version)

"Skin Tight" - Ohio Players

"Largo (from Sonata)" - Bela Fleck & Edgar Meyer




Jarring. Very jarring. Since then, the 'random' selections have me wondering about the logic that is in Winamp's shuffle feature. I got "Scratch & Sniff" by Bela Fleck & The Flecktones next and right this second Zappa's "Plastic People" (We're Only In It For The Money) is playing. Hmm... random indeed.

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When I use WinMedPlayer, it loves to keep diving into boxed sets.


Just reformatted the hard-drive and upgraded from 98 to 2000, and can now put iTunes on the PC. We'll see how random that is since I don't have my whole collection on the Mac.


Dern, downloading all those updates sure takes a ton of time when you're on dial-up.



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While I have not done any real shuffle, I can imagine that the random choices could do this. To think that the machine may somehow do this is too extreme to consider.


I've recently made an unusual choice in Pandora, and am surprised by some of the "connections" it's making.


Bump - "Plastic People" is on the Absolutely Free album. I thought this (mostly because I have the "...Money" album burned into my head) but checked to confirm - sorry to be picky.




Acoustic Color


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Just tried it with Itunes.. It jumped across the atlantic!


From "Catacombs" with At-the-drive-in to "Kontroll på Kontinentet" with Kaizer's Orchestra (very cool band, btw)



Current set-up:


Ibanez SR3005 into a Mesa WalkAbout head with a Mesa 2x10 Powerhouse

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