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Our very first Jazz Fest tomorrow - My band's playing.


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We are having our very first Jazz Fest here tomorrow. The French Cultural Centre (who else) are bringing Meddy Gerville, a French Jazz pianist with his 4 piece. They play Free Jazz or something like that (Funk Jazz maybe :confused: )

His bass player is quite famous I gather. He's called Dominique Di-Piazza (know him?).

I can't wait to watch.

My band is part of the Fest with our Jazzfied Reggae. ;)

My guitarist is away in UK, so I'm scared stiff! :eek:

On monday, we play on Bob Marleys birthday bash. We are 'The Wailers' for the night! :cool:

I'll let you know how it goes.

Nice weekend all :)

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Wow - sounds like a couple of exciting activities.


I guess you've got that "Wailers" thing down by now. My band is attempting "Could You Be Loved" - not sure if it's going to work. I learned a bit about mixing up the bass note rhythms learning it - I think I'm pretty close....


Hope it goes well !



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Yes, I met the band after sound check we had a chat. Di Piazza, Hernandez etc.. Gave the my new album, they gave me theirs too. We talked about Bona and Linley Marthe (incidentally he's from the Reunion Islands just :thu: like Gerville).

Had a laugh with the drummer Hernandez after he'd enjoyed a monster spliff with a percussionist friend of mine. :D

No spliff for me though ;) ....just bass!


Tomorrow is the Bob Marley gig! It's a free concert over here. :cool:

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Puff Puff Pass. hahahhaha Man I wish I was over there, this sounds like it is going to be one heck of a Jam. Post some pic when you can, we all would love to see them.
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I'm actually receiving the pics today, together with those from the Bob Marley day gig last night! We rocked!! :thu: About 15,000 souls there last night. Pure ram jam!

I don't know how to load pics over here, but I'll have them up on my website then let you all check them. It was an electric atmosphere. :eek::D

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