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Help me find the so-called "Light weight" Bass, how heavy is that?


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Another one came to mind...the Parker Fly bass. It's a little odd looking, but you might like the styling. They weigh in at 7.5 lbs or less...



Old bass players never die, they just buy lighter rigs.

- Tom Capasso, 11/9/2006


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I recently went on a quest to find a really light and inexpensive bass that didn't sound too bad. Here are some models and weights I obtained by actually weighing each sample. The prices are actual (on-line) prices that I paid in January 2006.


  • Hohner B2B Headless ($249): 6lb 6.8oz (2.91 kg)
  • Jay Reynolds JR-7 ($179): 6lb 9.1oz (2.98 kg)
  • Steinberger / Spirit XT-2 ($300): 7lb 0.4oz (3.19 kg)
  • Squire / Fender MB-4 ($200): 7lb 0.4oz (3.19 kg)
  • Washburn T14 ($210): 7lb 9.8oz (3.45 kg)
  • Dean Edge 9 ($120): 7lb 13.4oz (3.56 kg)


Some of these are probably junk, but I don't really know any better. Most of them sounded okay to me, but I think that my favorites are the Hohner and the Squire MB-4. (I've kept the Hohner, I'm thinking about the Squire, and I've returned the others.)


I hope this is helpful.

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