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bass player mag rockmonster

jonnie u

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Muzz Skillings, Prince, Darryl Jennifer (Bad Brains), Norwood Fisher (Fishbone), Rick Skatore (24-7 Spyz), Jerry "Wyzard" Seay (Mother's Finest), I'm running out of steam here, :freak: - somebody tell me to stop! - TM Stevens, the guy from Dan Reed Network, and the legendary, most awesome Melvin Gibbs (Henry Rollins, Shannon Jackson etc. etc. etc.)



OK - enough now!

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not doug . you bass heads would never guess - oh well non other than the most versitle most dynamic most inventive best tone ever and seriously influential -


DARRYL JENIFER - FROM BAD BRAINS - do your home work son, this dude plays with his fingers with a pick cupped in his palm of which he whips out and blazes some of the illest riff ever ,.check out the bad brains quickness cd, this cat plays the illest metal ,the deepest dub and the funkiest slaps , the dudes from wash.d.c - dont sleep stay tuned for more underground knowledge from jonnie u

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I don't care for the tattoo much (just not my style, don't take offense :) ) but I wish I had - or better said, lacked - a belly like yours :)


Every day I'm becoming more and more the stereotypical "fat guy with large guitar" that common mortals take us for :D

"I'm a work in progress." Micky Barnes


The Ross Brown Shirt World Tour

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I wish I had - or better said, lacked - a belly like yours

It can be a lot of work. I spend around 5 hours a week in the gym and my girlfriend is 90% vegetarian and lives a very healthy lifestyle. It has definitely rubbed off on me.



Nice ink, Nutt.


Interesting design and nice colors. Any inspiration for it, or just a design you liked?

Placement was a huge consideration on this piece. I've always wanted a tattoo in that spot so I had to find something that had a shape that "fit". I dig the flames big time and the rest of the design has a pretty cool Texas feel to it.


I actually got this tattoo back home in Illinois a few days after Christmas. Some friends of mine own a tattoo parlor there so I naturally stopped in.


This isn't a custom piece like my shoulder/chest/back is, but it isn't flash you'd find on a wall. I found this while flipping through a book of tattoo specific artwork they had in the back room of the shop.

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see cats wanna hate on me cause of the way i type/talk,,shame on you ,..these wanker b.boards are for all to express themselves, not just techie panzy mullet wearin chumps ,..jonnie u is here to type his mind- and so should you bass wanker and oh jamerson and graham are THE bass players - all others follow- check the script chump - you know who you are - love is the answer - jonnie u baby!!!


your chops and virtuosity means nothing to jonnie u , your miss led hours of scale arrpegiate and slap tricks means nada to me, lets see you wankers support a song, or take the real minimalist approach to elec,bass application, learn from jamie jamerson on the lost art of " BUSY BUT SIMPLE" learn that larry graham thumb plucked his lines and not so much hammered them(helen keller,,open your ears), kno that jaco borrowed bootsies "runs"from james brown recordings and reheharsed coltrane sax riffs on his bass,.....learn ,..know....there is more to bass than just "wanking" or should i say 4 string self indulgent bassterbation,..take the instument back to its roots and simply "SUPPORT" good songs/music first then - wank later- .......jewel dropping o.g jonnie u


i cant wait to hear what closed minded b.board jockey takes these wisdoms J.U

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