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The coolest thing that has ever happened

jeremy c

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Some of you know that I taught lessons to Matt Freeman of Rancid all through his high school years and later.


Matt and I have remained in contact and hang out every once in a while.


Today two large packages came in the mail.


One was a Platinum Record for "Out Come the Wolves" and the other was a Gold Record for "Let's Go."


They both have my name on them.


Of course I had no direct part in the records other than having taught Matt years earlier.


I was floored by his gesture of getting the records made and sent to me.

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That was a severely cool gesture on his part.


Teachers of all kinds are too often taken for granted and easily forgotten. It is only the special ones that stand out in your mind, and those are the ones to whom you feel grateful.


I wish that I had the ability to teach. Not everyone can do it (I've tried; just ask my kids). I think that teaching requires just as much talent as playing the bass or any other instrument. The fact that you have made a living playing and teaching, and that your former students shower you with gold and platinum, is a testament to both of those talents.


When I get home, I'm going to hoist a cold and frosty for all the special ones.

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Kudos man!


To be remembered like that is really special. And it's certain that Matt thinks you are too. Teachers are what help the generations following them to realize their dreams.

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that's pretty cool, jc.


if i ever listen to rancid with any friends, i'll be sure to tell them that i've spent a day with the guy who taught the bass player.


I'll also tell them that you showed me about 15 different ways to approach a simple chord change.




Soli Deo Gloria


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I did not know you taught him, Jeremy. His is a sweet bass player. You did quite a job and he must have been a pretty good student.


If anyone wants to hear a good sample of what Matt can do, a good tune is "Fall Back Down". This was a pretty popular song and the bass line is brilliant and makes quite an impact on the song. He carries the melody quite well as he does on much of their work. Another one to listen for is "Red Hot Moon", where you can here some walking bass line work.



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It's nice, Jeremy.


But I think I know you well enough to know that as you have reached the status of laureate, being lauded by your contributions to countless generations, you'll still get up tomorrow and plan your lessons. And you'll do it with humility and utmost care for tomorrow's student.


He or she gets your attention now.


This is the "laying up gold where theives can't steal and moths can't corrupt" time. And you're doing the work set before you to do.


Still, I'll bet them albums get hung in your studio instead of your garage! :D



Yep. I'm the other voice in the head of davebrownbass.
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Sometimes we just don't realize the extent of our impact on those we come in contact with.


In terms of a professional career, a special bond can sometimes form between instructor and student. You may not even realize it at the time, when you become a mentor. It's often not until much later when a former student shows his or her gratitude.


The tokens are nice, but I think the more valuable treasure is the unique relationship the two of you share.


Enjoy the warm fuzzies, Jeremy, you've earned them. :thu:

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