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TouchTheClouds, congratulations you are the first known TBC owner on the Low Down LowDown.


There have been posts in the past looking for feedback on these, since they started advertising in BP mid-2005 and seem to have come out of the blue.


Let us know... the whole world is watching.

- Matt W.
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Ok guys I'm going to use some snippets from a review that was posted on another forum and inject my own thoughts where I feel it's necessary. The original poster pretty much nailed my thoughts on this bass.


Looks, Fit & Finish: Out of the box, this bass is just gorgeous. Included was a certificate of origin signed by Jack Wilson, president of the company. I thought this was a nice touch. The action and intonation were set up well. The body is streamlined and smooth. The wood pickguard is a lot better in person. Gives the bass a custom appearance. Neck pocket was tight and no gaps. Fretboard is well constructed and the frets have no sharpness whatsoever. The neck construction is top-notch and is a dream to play on. The finish they use on it gives it a broke in feel. This bass is LIGHT !!!!! When I say light I mean play it standing for three hours light. The quality of these is great the control cavity is clean, organized, and painted with shielded paint. The chambered body gives this bass a significant feel and tone. The knobs turned smooth and they felt solid and not cheap. The tuners feel solid and able to keep the bass in tune. They are very light so there should be no neck diving here. The three piece body is barely noticeable. You really have to look hard to detect where the pieces come together. The action is low for a production instrument. I have never seen a production instrument have action this low and I see it can go even lower. All in all a solid piece of workmanship. Some care was used in the making of this bass and it shows.


Sound/Tone: You immediately notice the effect of the chambered body as it gives the bass an airy feel in its sound. It is open and responsive with a clarity that can be enhanced by the treble control. The flat tone is clear and present, not cheap sounding. Changing pickups gave me some beef on the neck pickup and twang on the bridge pickup. The Bass added bottom but it was not boomy just solid bass. The mid added clarity but seemed to not effect the tone as much as the bass did. The treble boosted the highs similiar to how the bass boosted the lows. Bright but not overbearingly bright.


Overall I am very impressed with this bass and would have no problem recommending it. This bass is incredible and I have absolutely no regrets in making this purchase. Hope this was helpful.

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