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What's the most you've spent on a Bass?

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Originally posted by robb.:

how is that kinal working for you?

On the down side, it's taught me a lot about nuances that I wasn't aware of before I got it. Considering the number of years I was on that EB3, it's a wonder I was able to make such a solid choice! There are a few aspects that make it not quite perfect - the size and weight are not bad for a 5 - maybe less than a Stingray, but I've played lighter/smaller since and found drawn to them. I had the finger ramp installed, and find no real advantage to it- I think it somehow throws me when using a pick. For me it's not really a disadvantage, but I wouldn't order it again. The hardshell case was not quite the same quality, and I'd like to get a really good bag (Moradian), but that has to wait.


Those things are fairly small - it looks great. The tone shaping (Bart J, Bart MM soap, Demeter on-board) is flexible and I can do a lot with it. The neck feels great. At 34.5, I have to get long strings if I want to go through the body. I've done both (run the strings through the body and set them in the bridge) and I don't notice the difference. The hardware (Hipshot A bridge, Hipshot light tuners) has been great, and it cleans up easily and stays in tune. Adjustments to the truss rod have been easy to do (when I get strings with very different tension). The covers (truss or control cavity for battery) are very tight - I'm going to try a small suction cup like Erlewine used (Jan 06 BP) because they are tight.


The most interesting thing is to listen to it in someone else's hands. It always sounds great (makes me wonder about my technique), especially for slap. No question that it was a bargain for the level of quality, the aesthetics, and the flexibility that Mike showed.


I only pick up the Gibson at home for laughs every few months. The Kinal is my bass for church and my rock band. It always feels good in my hands. It's a studio recording, but listen to the bass at www.myspace.com/stoneflyband.


I'd like to get a "nimble" 4 string, because it would simplify some of my rock band stuff. I wanted a Read Custom, but he stopped making them (and it will be a while before I have the cash). I also was thinking about ordering a 4 string bloody snowball from Mike Lull(*).


And thanks for asking!


(*) Maury ordered a white bass with gray pickguard from Lull, and dubbed it the "soiled snowball". I could get a white 4 with a dark red pickguard and have a bloody snowball....


Acoustic Color


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Paid $615 for my P-Bass back in 1980, which included a hardshell (plastic) case and shipping. I bought it without ever seeing it from Washington Music Center in Wheaton, MD. I just called and asked them to send me the best-looking Precision they had. I'm the only owner this bass has seen, and it will go to one of my grandchildren someday. Last time I had it appraised it was worth in the neighborhood of $1800, I think, but it's never been for sale. That was for insurance purposes only. The rest of you include your gear in your Homeowner's or Renter's insurance, don't you?


On the other side of the coin, I once bought a Precision and fretless Jazz from a pawn shop in Murfreesboro. I paid $125 for both of them, including the cases. The Jazz body had been stripped to the bare wood, and the P-Bass looked like someone had taken a screwdriver to it, but it had a Kahler (sp?) Flyer tremolo on it. I painted it and sold it for $400. I traded the Jazz later for some sound gear. Wish I still had them.

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