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Stolen basses and gear


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On August 2nd, two bass guitars were stolen from a residence in Upper Tantallon (just outside of Halifax) Nova Scotia, along with some gear:


1) Alembic Essence 5-string bass. Solidbody electric with bocate top. Serial number 99K12064


2) Ovation Celebrity Deluxe 5-string bass. Roundback acoustic, black finish with faux wood veneer accents around the soundholes. Serial number 439806


3) Gallien Kruegar 800 RB bass amp head, black and grey casing, slightly bent grill gills on back.


4) Black canvass bag, with Boss DI box, Casio or Seiko tuner, and misc XLRs and 1/4" cables.







If you see these anywhere, or if someone tries to sell them to you, contact the Tantallon RCMP at 902.826.3100 and refer to their file number #2005-24972.

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OMG! Good luck. With the price of that equipment, I am sure your homeowners or renter's insurance would help you recoup the loss.

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Shoot, I can say there are now two NS'ers on the board....

...too bad it is not hear to look for info. This is horrible. I am always looking around for new gear, alla newspapers, web, and word of mouth.


If I hear any thing about gear like or similar to the above mentioned. I well definitly be the first one to let you know.


Are you active in the music community, whats the scoop?-Catlin

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Thanks, everyone. I've posted this on local boards like halifaxlocals and the Halifax Craigslist, and do check ebay regularly. Also visited all the music stores, who are supportive and some have stolen instrument registries. Also informed the union and the provincial music industry association. I don't do the pawnshops as much, since they're practically all across the harbour in Darmouth. But the owners there do know about the instruments, and that the police have details on them, so perhaps they'll be less likely to deal with them. The consensus of folks around here is that if somebody tries to sell them, or plays a gig with them, word will get around pretty quickly.


Greetings, catman. I played a lot in the Valley when I went to school there, and a little bit in Halifax later on, but not so much since I moved out to the bay - just getting some songs down with a few other local players, and we might try some local pubs in the summer.

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I've always wanted to live in Halifax.


Just to let you know, I recovered my stolen 1991 Warwick Streamer off of eBay, even though I had lost the serial number. I now know the serial number very well, BTW.


Having professional pics of the bass is what did it, with unique wood grain and knotting. It did not show up on eBay for over 3 months after the crime, though. It spent 2 months in the pawn shop as inventory securing a loan, so it wasn't on display. Eventually the thief wanted to sell it outright, and the pawn shop called a buddy of theirs who made the deal in the parking lot of the pawn shop. They wouldn't buy it themselves, since the thief's story was fishy, but they helped make the deal.


It was a local guy who buys and sells that had it.


Keep tryin'. These things have a way of showing up. You know that Chuck Rainey's Precision (the one that made him famous) was stolen while he was teaching at BIT, and he got it back as well.

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