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Church gig pay?


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I haven't played regularly in a praise band for a year or two but I certainly enjoy doing it. I've been looking for a new church to attend for some time now but when I find one I'm not particularly looking to jump in to playing/leading and/or running sound/tech stuff. If the need is there I will assess the situation and more than likely volunteer my time (not obscene amounts, mind you). I've never been paid for playing at my home church and I never wanted to be. I know that I can worship God just as well from a pew as I can from the stage with a bass strapped on me...I just enjoy the experience.


I have, however, found myself in similar situations to what Adrian described where I was asked to play at another church whether it was for a regular service or a special event and they offered money. I didn't turn it down.


If I felt like it was a job I'd want to be paid but I think of it more like sitting around playing worship music with my friends only with people in front of us. It's not a job or a chore and it's not something that I do just to worship God because I can do that from my seat or in my car, I do it because I enjoy it.

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I play regularly in our worship band as a volunteer. Even though I'm a volunteer, I still approach it with the intent of excellence, same as I would if I were paid. We're all volunteers except for the worship leader. Surprisingly, for the most part, this is a good group of musicians. There's one person who doesn't have the skills to cut it, and I really don't look forward to playing with that person when he's on the schedule, but I try to make the most of it...good opportunity to practice musically pushing and pulling someone else.


If they offer to pay sometime in the future, I would likely tell them to write the check to the church as my tithe.



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I'm glad i don't get paid for my position as a guitarist on the Worship Team.


The main reason being as a check and balance that I am there for The Lord only.


The secondary reason being, that it would give the church more grounds to ask me to play every puppet show or whatever activity they may feel needs music

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first, it's wonderful to see how many of us play in worship bands. like i said before, the church where i attend now is not in need of a bassist, but i go there because i am in need of His word, and it comes to me strong there. Still, it would be a dream come true to assemble a group of awesome players to play for His glory.( It must be so rewarding to have , for example, Fred Hammond's career ) If I could find a way to make a living playing only worship music, i would be all over it. I do have a wonderful gig starting soon, though , that i consider a blessing from Him and it thankfully does not involve entertaining people in a bar ( though they may be headed to one when they leave the theater, it is Vegas after all )

I don't consider it wrong to get paid for playing at all. I just choose not to when i do.

If it were my main gig, I would have to get paid, a brother gotta pay his bills.

But frankly, if i were keeping tabs, i would have to play for free in church for about 500 years to begin to make up for the blessings God has granted me in my life.

Money or no money, as long as you praise with your playing, it's all good !

Praise ye the LORD.

....praise him with stringed instruments and organs...

Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD.

excerpt from- Psalm 150

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for His glory

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I'm in a Catholic church. Only the music director gets paid. That job means they must cover all Masses, organize/run an adult and a children's choir, a young person's band, and another folk group (this last group might be called "old folkies" and doesn't need any rehearsal). On holidays they have brought in "outsiders" and paid them. That's fine by me.


I show up when I want to, not at a regular Mass. I appreciate being able to float at will (no rehearsals either). Since it's my church, I wouldn't take money.


There is a neighboring church that hires a band for one Mass. I have no idea about the money or rehearsals, but they are quite good.


If another church wanted to hire me, I'd take the money. It's unlikely I'd take the job unless it was "one time" stuff. I don't want to devote any more weekends to that type of commitment.


I heard a rumor that our current director is leaving. I've had my "take me as I come" arrangement with two directors, and hope it continues. If it doesn't, I'll join the "old folkies" who happen to be recent additions, though I played with them in college 30 years ago.




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90% of my playing is done in churches in the area and I don't accept payment for it. It's not why I do it but if a church insists I drop it in the collection basket or give it to the missions fund.
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