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casters and coupling


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I've searched some old threads about coupling and the discussions mention mechanical vs. acoustic coupling. Do the casters on my cab help to reduce mechanical coupling? Do they also reduce acoustic coupling? What is the best way to get the benefits of acoustic coupling without the disadvantages of mechanical coupling?





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To the best of my knowledge - There's a State Statute aginst Mechanical/Acoustic Coupling in the State of Florida.


(Except, maybe, on South Beach in Miami.)


I'm not sure that casters make a difference here.



Maybe it would be better to wait for GB, robb, C. Alex et al, to return from Holiday to answer?


(gee, ya think?)



Confirmed RoscoeHead

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It doesn't necessarily do either.


Mechanical de-coupling: if you are using no-chafe soft-compound outer wheels in many instances it'll do a pretty good job, but just as rubber feet don't decouple very efficiently, neither do they. And hard-compound wheels do even less. The further the bottom panel is from the stage floor the less it creates a pressure zone there, but the wheels themselves transmit vibrations, though the softer wheels will damp more. Then it's just up to the quality of the stage construction how well it damps transmission from those four contact areas.


Acoustic de-coupling: normally you don't want this - and the few inches of height gained will only move threshold frequency of coupling a few hertz higher, nothing to be concerned about generally. If you actually desire some acoustic de-coupling you would need to get the woofer farther up from the floor and further from any close wall/corner.

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