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Hand Injuries


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One of my greatest fears came true on Monday. I fractured my thumb on my left hand while working around the house. I smashed the base of my thumb with a 4 lb. hammer. It hurt so bad when I did it I couldn't utter a sound for about 10 minutes. My wife saw me through the window and thought I was doing some kind of a tribal dance. I didn't go o the doctor right away. I was hoping it was just a bad bruise that would be OK in a couple of days. I had to tell the band I'd miss rehearsal that night, then again on Wed. I finally went to the doctor today and the x-rays showed a nasty fracture that will have me in a cast for weeks to come. I'm totally blown away. I can't even hold my bass.

Thanks for letting me vent, Folks. Be aware of what you're doing and avoid injuries. The mental pain is worse than the physical pain. :cry:

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here's to a speedy recovery. On the bright side, you can practice your speed and note consistency with your right hand with a metronome and open strings.


:thu: <--this smiley will be you in a few weeks giving the LDLD the good ol' thumbs up. [notice the left hand thumbs up]

keep your head up, man.




Soli Deo Gloria


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I hope you get well soon to Basster. I hurt my left hand ring finger the other night and you wouldn't belive how.


Me & the Missus where doing our Christmas grocery shop and I was taking the bags in from the car. Of course I was carrying to much and could feel a pain but I continued, hey presto half an hour later strained ligaments. I can still play but the ache is annoying. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself til I read your post! A couple of achy days would be nothing to your situation, its terrible how much we take for granted!


I hope ya get well soon.

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Sorry to hear that, man. Last year, my wife fell and broke her wrist about a month before Christmas.


Which meant she couldn't play flute in the orchestra for a big holiday production she was supposed to be in.


Very bummed.


But she healed up, and you will too.

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It can be devastating when something like this happens. Last year about this time I cut my left index finger to the bone. I took lots of stitches and missed several gigs as a result. The fellas here helped me keep my head up and encouraged me not to rush things.

It was and is good advice - although with a cast you don't have a choice. Don't rush it man! It really isn't the end of the world.

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I have nothing nice to say so . . .


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