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visited reverend today.


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since everyone else was leaving work early today, i decided to cut out, too. i went to music castle (see the musicman fans thread for what i played there) to play a sterling. then i decided i'd have time to check out the reverend factory in warren. it's about fifteen minutes from my house in royal oak.


first off, the three guys who were there (joe naylor was one of them) are all totally cool guys. we stood around and talked music business for a quite a while. it really only took me a couple minutes to actually buy a set of P pickups for my plywood P. it's had a bartolini P in it for several years, but it's always been a little too thick for my tastes, even with all the great tones i can get from it. so i decided to give the reverend P pickup a try. it cost me $19 tax included, which may make it the best $19 i've spent on a bass ever. i don't think i've even bought a used pedal for $19. only strings.


so i'm excited about that. but the shop was cool. i'm thinking about going back next week with a co-worker, and if so, i'll take my camera for a few pictures.


they had a bunch of rumblefish 5Ls hanging around in boxes, but i wasn't there to buy one, so i figured it'd be best to leave it alone. maybe next time. but it looks like the best option is to find a used rumblefish (good luck) if you want one from here on out.


if i had a soldering iron at home, i'd install them today. actually, i may drive back out to work in order to do so yet tonight. after that gets done, i'll report back.



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not going to happen -- they're only open weekdays.


i got to rehearse with the new pickup in my bass last night. as expected:


bast. $20. bass purchase. ever.


if you have a P, it might really enjoy this pickup. especially if it's a cheap P or could stand to be upgraded.


or you may prefer to buy my bartolini. it really wants a J in the bridge for definition. nice tones, but sometimes it lacked clarity. i won't miss it badly when it's gone, other than for sentimental reasons.



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