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Just ordered this

David Kavanagh

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I'm excited because I've been wanting to learn how to play bass for several years now. I know moderator "tom" from work and we talked and I researched on-line before I ordered. From what I hear, they make a decent quality bass and it will be good enough to learn on, maybe more.
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Hi David,


Welcome to the forum and to the world of BASS!!! It is the best place to be.


Congratulations on your new purchase. I am not familiar with the brand, but I have been playing my beginner bass (Ibanez GSR200) for about 5 years now and I love it. I just want to put new pickups and pots one of these days, but other than that, it has served me well.


Good luck and glad to have you as part of the forum!


... connie z

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Silvertones, like many of the entry-level basses from the big brands, are made in the Samick factory. You should be getting a quality bass to start on. Just be sure to give it a once over when you get it.



"For instance" is not proof.


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Welcome! Hey, if it get's you playing, I say great. Though it may not be a great instrument, it will get you going, and the low end models have come a long way these days. The first thing you may want to do is find a good shop to give it a proper "setup". Later on, we can help you get that 3rd mortgage on your house due to GAS problems.

I started with a Mexican Fender P bass for $299. With a decent setup, it's still my weapon of choice. I guess it just sounds like bass to me.

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I'm late getting to this thread. I tried to find one of these in my area to check out, but couldn't.


I agree that it will be a solid starter and more.


Dave K was at a "holiday jam" I ran in our company HQ in Rochester, where I borrowed Mark Zeger's daughter's MIM jazz, which is a fine bass.


Best of luck Dave K!



Acoustic Color


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Yay! It just arrived and I unpacked it and messed with it a bit. I know I need to let it adjust before setting it up. I messed with the tuner and got the hang of that, but I need to tweak the neck and look at the intonation. A guy Jeff at work said he'd help with these details. Then, I'll pop in the teaching DVD that came with it and see how far I get.


Thanks for the words of support! I'm psyched!

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Lucky you, i actually got one of these 2 years ago (and have since upgraded to a Fender MIM p bass). Its a fairly decent bass for a starter. The tone is good, and if you got the package, it comes with some equipment that will last you for a while (strap, tuner, etc.) One thing i definately recomend is to replace the cord as fast as you can. I didnt find much use from the dvd as it progresses fairly fast (not necessarily in what you learn, but in how fast he plays the things) I liked the bass alot and it lasted me awhile. The only thing i can tell you now is to be careful with the strap buttons, the screws strip the wood as it is fairly soft (alder and some other woods that come on beginner instruments have that kind of problem)


Anyway, this axe will server you well until you see fit to buy another. Treat her well as long as you have her; and may that be a long time.

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Welcome! :wave:


Enjoy the bass. :thu:


Sorry to hear you know Tom. Rest assured that we can serve as a support system for you just as we do for each other.


David K.: "Hi. My name is David. I know Tom Capasso."


Forumites: "Hi David."


And so on... ;):D


Peace. :cool:




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