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sooo...back to my fretless....


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Originally posted by jeremy c:

The Green One speaketh the truth. Listen to him.


You can play more in tune on a fretless than it will ever be possible on a fretted bass.



That's a great article by Jack Endino, thanks Greenboy!

I wholeheartely agree, (Jack said it in English and it made sense!) and subsequently praise the almighty and powerful wizard that is gb for all this amazing informtion! May his lingham linger longer to smite the unwise and foolish with the righteousness of his wrath and the cunningness of his linguistics.


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Nothing but repeated thaws, freezing rain, and dumping snow here. Lots of precip in northwest Montana this winter...


Father Gino, that's a good read. Also check out Yamaha's Microtuning series of booklets if they are still available. I got them when working with the tuning tables for the DX7IIFD synths and they cover the history, the math, the acoustics and psychoacoustics (and the mysticism) of tuning systems.


Also just noticed that Wendy Carlos's BEAUTY IN THE BEAST has been reissued. Good thing too - someone stole mine and it was only available for 3 months or so in 1986 before the old megaglomerate axed it from the catalog. Some incredible compositional examples of various tuning systems and just generally good music on that disc.


I'm going to order it and TALES OF HEAVEN AND HELL (and maybe the complete reissue of her CLOCKWORK ORANGE soundtrack for old times sake) from Barnes & Noble - with nary a need on my part for ISBN or any catalog number ; }







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